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Passing thought for trans folk, gender fluid, non-binary, etc.

In the Hungarian language, all pronouns are gender neutral.

ő == he or she
őt == him or her

OTOH, most Hungarians (at least outside of Budapest) are still pretty old-school in their views on gender identity.

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The 9-to-noon protocol

I've been too distracted for too long by too many ancillary things in my life. Seems like I hardly ever write any actual code any more. Prolly average < 1/2 hr/day. Am I even allowed to call myself a programmer at that point?

Implementing new "9-to-noon" protocol, effective immediately. 3 hrs/day (minimum) devoted to coding. Not dinking with editor/IDE configs, not getting lost in Man pages, not binge-reading StackOverflow threads ... actual coding.

... and ... go.

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An American in Sopron, pt 1,

I am an American expat, of Hungarian ancestry. Hungary allows for jus sanguinis (right of blood) citizenship, and thanks to that, I am now a Hungarian citizen, as well. I moved here about a year ago, for political reasons (details to follow, eventually).

Until now, I've used Mastodon intermittently, mainly as a tech-y news exchange. Moving forward, I hope to use it as an actual daily micro-blog about my life and experiences here in the EU (and beyond?).

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An American in Sopron, pt 2,

I'm mainly targeting my friends and family, both here and back in the US, but perhaps others will find it interesting, as well.

I will mainly be making posts visible only to my followers. If this interests you, maybe you want to follow me. If you follow me now for my FOSS/tech stuff, well, most of my friends are nerds, too, so that's not going away, but there'll be less of it, so maybe prune me off of your list (it's probably getting too long, anyway, right?)


So it's been a few months ... what's your long(er)-term opinion on pleroma? Still running your own private instance, at home, thru pagekite? Is the tech mostly behaving?

How would you rate the set-up, and the on-going maintenance difficulty?


Hi @Gina

I've been reading your tale of woe, and particularly the extensive back-and-forth with people about what went wrong.

Is there any chance you, or someone else familiar with the project, could do some kind of blog or similar publicly accessible record of the project timeline? Plans and goals, software used, trials and tribulations, what worked what didn't, yada ...

For future adventurers?

Hey y'all, I just noticed the Internet Wayback machine (aka, the Internet Archive, etc.) needs money.

They currently have a 2-for-1 Matching gift thing going. You give 'em $5, they get $15...

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!

... remember, I'm trying to start a Thing where Friday the 13th is a Good Luck day, 'cuz every Friday is "Good Friday".

Henceforth, it's Monday the 13th that's the bad-luck day ('cuz ... Mondays ... duh).

So anyway, Happy Friday the 13th ... it's gonna be a thing!


Noticed you 'cuz you joined . Started following you 'cuz, from your avatar, I discovered h2g2. How the hell did I not know about this place? Gods, I miss stumbleupon.

At any rate, howdy, and thanx.

My brother likes to say, if you're depressed when life is going reasonably well, that's a health issue ... but if you're depressed because life actually sucks ... well, in that case, being happy would be cause for concern.

Just ordered a new robo-vacuum ... since when does expedited shipping cost *less than* standard shipping? I literally saved €1.50 by having it delivered 3 days sooner ... WTF?

Mastodon is the gateway drug. Now, I'm eyeballing , , , etc.

It's all Mastodon's fault.

So, interesting quirk of learning languages.

The Hungarian word for 'secretary' is 'titkár' (or titkárnő), which is very similar to 'titkok' (secrets) ... so the word kind of means 'the keeper/manager of secrets'.

I noticed this odd similarity between these two Hungarian words, without ever noticing the exact same association exists in my native English.

On top of which, I'm now wondering why this same word-pairing exists in two completely unrelated languages.

Languages are weird.

On RottenTomatoes, Season 4 has by far the biggest disparity between critics and audience approval ratings I've ever seen.

Critics - 89%

Viewers - 28%

WTF? Anyone care to hazard an informed opinion on this? (Minimal spoilers, please. I still haven't seen it.)


I just learned that there are only 500 /e/Phones in the wild. I had assumed there were thousands of 'em.

That means my personal (perceived) share of responsibility to the project — to test, note and report bugs, to promote and support it, etc — just ratcheted waaay up.


Great phone. Go buy one, maybe two.

Hi @gael.

So 3 months ago, I bought one of the first /e/Phones, a refurbished S7 Edge with a nice Android OS.

I figured I was among the first few hundred buyers. Now I see they are only up to #500, which means mine must be, like, #8.

People, these are good phones. The camera software sucks. That's my only real complaint; apart from that, it rocks.

How are these things not selling faster?! Support / . Buy a damn phone.

Holler out to @gael, who started it all.

So, mark your calendars.

Friday, December 13th ... Good day.

Monday, January 13th ... Bad day.

Monday the 13th. It's gonna be a thing.

I want to start a thing, where Friday the 13th is a good-luck day (because as my high school geometry teacher used to say, all Fridays are Good Friday ) ... and instead, it's actually Monday the 13th that's the bad-luck day.

Among other things, it's an opportunity for a whole new horror-film franchise.

Tell your friends. Monday the 13th. It's gonna be a thing.

I have a LUKS-encrypted HDD mounted in my Turris Omnia router (think OpenWrt) and hosted as a NAS network share, via Samba.

It seems hooked up correctly, locally (via SSH), but I cannot access the share via the network. I get a "connection refused" error.

Any ideas, anyone? Danke.

Best silly "we use cookies" banner ...


"Not like it changes anything, but we are obligated to inform you that we are using cookies - well, actually, we just did. More info here."

So, here's a thing.

This convenience-store chain is ubiquitous in Hungary. Store-name means "The National Smoke-shop". It's the semi-seedy place you buy your cigarettes, booze and groceries you suddenly realized you need at 2:00 am.

The thing is, I learned recently, it's actually State-owned, run by the Federal govt, for profit.

IDK about other countries, but to American eyes, this seems suspicious and weird.

Other countries' natives want to weigh in? Is this normal outside the US?

Hi @lynnesbian

I'm actually thinking about this one a bit, so bear with me.

What would you say your end goal is w/Nazi-types? if you could round 'em all up? ... Kill them all? Ban them from the InterWebs? Lock 'em up until they realize the error of their ways? Sterilize and penal-colony?

I think how they treat you online is a reflection of how they would treat you if they were actually in charge.

How you treat them online is your reflection.

Just my dos centavos.

Tip-of-the-tongue syndrome (TOT) tends to get more common as people age. It is also more common among people who speak multiple languages.

Multiple studies have found increased TOT among older people is not related to, nor indicative of, dementia. Color me relieved.

One study discovered TOT has comparable idioms in almost all languages (word stuck in the tongue/mouth/throat).

Curiously, Icelandic was one of the very few languages that had no idiom for TOT.

@bjarni , thoughts?

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