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Passing thought for trans folk, gender fluid, non-binary, etc.

In the Hungarian language, all pronouns are gender neutral.

ő == he or she
őt == him or her

OTOH, most Hungarians (at least outside of Budapest) are still pretty old-school in their views on gender identity.

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The 9-to-noon protocol

I've been too distracted for too long by too many ancillary things in my life. Seems like I hardly ever write any actual code any more. Prolly average < 1/2 hr/day. Am I even allowed to call myself a programmer at that point?

Implementing new "9-to-noon" protocol, effective immediately. 3 hrs/day (minimum) devoted to coding. Not dinking with editor/IDE configs, not getting lost in Man pages, not binge-reading StackOverflow threads ... actual coding.

... and ... go.

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An American in Sopron, pt 1,

I am an American expat, of Hungarian ancestry. Hungary allows for jus sanguinis (right of blood) citizenship, and thanks to that, I am now a Hungarian citizen, as well. I moved here about a year ago, for political reasons (details to follow, eventually).

Until now, I've used Mastodon intermittently, mainly as a tech-y news exchange. Moving forward, I hope to use it as an actual daily micro-blog about my life and experiences here in the EU (and beyond?).

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An American in Sopron, pt 2,

I'm mainly targeting my friends and family, both here and back in the US, but perhaps others will find it interesting, as well.

I will mainly be making posts visible only to my followers. If this interests you, maybe you want to follow me. If you follow me now for my FOSS/tech stuff, well, most of my friends are nerds, too, so that's not going away, but there'll be less of it, so maybe prune me off of your list (it's probably getting too long, anyway, right?)

The movie "Dirty Dancing" came out in 1987, and the story was set in 1963.

I'm thinking about it now, because one of the core plot points revolves around an illegal backroom abortion.

I can still remember how that story element felt like ancient history, like slavery and male-only voting ... one of those ancient, shameful bits of US history that we had long ago evolved beyond and would (obviously) never return to.

When I was in college (in the US), almost 40 years ago, I had a long-running debate with my friend/roommate ... I claimed that the US was a couple decades away from a 2nd civil war, and that it would most likely be sparked by the abortion divide.

He thought I was daft.

Really want to track him down now for a heartfelt "IToldYaSo".

I also just realized that, when I was in college, abortion had only been legal in the US for 12 years.

Wow. I haven't read the news in the last couple hours, but I'm guessing it's bad.

This might a good time to recommend (re-)reading/(re-)watching "The Handmaid's Tale", to remember where the US is ultimately headed.

Margaret, it was supposed to be speculative sci-fi, not a blueprint.

Pronouns imply the existence of connouns.

Like antimatter, these should probably be avoided.

Hey Americans! Move to Scotland now while you still can.

Free tampons for everyone that's allowed in the women's bathrooms!

Hey fediverse, I did a thing!

Inspired by @minimaldotclick's similar efforts, I got desktop wiki set up, along with encrypted syncing (using ) thru my Nextcloud, and I can now maintain synced copies of my Zim notebooks across all of my devices.

Now starting the process of centralizing all of my assorted notes and stuff into my new Zim notebooks.

Thanks, Malcolm.

So ... I have 6 different browsers on my phone, and that's not even counting the other 2 that were pre-installed with the OS (which I never use).

Is this normal, or is it time to admit that I have a problem?

Back when Flash ruled the Internet, there was this webpage/game/thing called "Don't press the big red button", or s/thg like that.

Basically, the site kept telling you to quit pressing the button, while you kept pressing it. Then it get fed up, "I'm serious! Stop pressing it!" Then it hid the "real" button among a bunch of fake buttons, etc.

For, like, a half hour. Very original, clever, funny.

Then They killed off Flash, and I've never seen it since.

Anybody know anything about it?

Fedi-feedback, please.

I'm in The Netherlands, stuck in a toxic living environment, and utterly unable to find a new flat. I have money, but no job currently, and stupid Neth housing customs here, no one will rent to me w/o proof of monthly income.

Now seriously considering buying a tent and moving into a campground (with my dog) for the next 3-5 months.

How realistic is that idea? Alternatives?

Flashback ... almost 2 years ago, when I first met Asra, back when he was a homeless Hungarian ragamuffin street urchin.

I still have those shoes...

Cool writer / artist / creative person ...


Political/spiritual, personal explorative, thought-provoking, belief-challenging stuff.

Also impressive DIY merchandizing set-up. Check out her website,

I've been a grown-ass adult for over 30 years.

It still blows my mind that, any time I want to, I can just go to a store, buy a chocolate cake, take it home and eat the whole damn thing in one sitting ... and no one is gonna yell at me about how dumb and irresponsible that is.

Not often, but every now and then, I do exactly that, just to test this hypothesis ... you know, for Science.


Hi, random Mastondist here. Just wanted to mention, if you didn't already know, your name means 'mother' in Hungarian.

Summer sale on

I just bought $150-worth of games (9 of 'em, including The Witcher 3, GOTY Ed.) for $30.

... all DRM-free.

In the US, anybody can sue anybody for, pretty much, anything.

Why can't we sue media production companies for cancelling popular shows mid-cliffhanger?

... and while I'm at it ...

Life at work is like a tree full of monkeys.

Some are climbing up, some down, and some are just sitting in their spot.

The monkeys at the top look down and see nothing but smiling faces.

The ones at the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes.

(This was posted on the breakroom BB in my first IT job, 18 years ago)

Just finished re-reading *Jonathan Livingston Seagull*, which ironically, now includes a never-before-published, nihilistic cynical Part 4.

I approve.

So, I "found" a copy of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" online yesterday.

Life-altering favorite in my youth, read it obsessively.

Now finding out if it holds up against the nihilistic cynicism of middle-age.

The TOR Workshop just wrapped up. First they've done this, so maybe a bit, hmm, freewheeling ... but good presentation, hopefully there will be more to come.

4 presenters, 53+ attendees (at the start, no doubt more joined later), 59% (IIRC) had never run a relay.

Quick & dirty takeaway ...

**Any-damn-body** can run a Snowflake bridge (FFS, it's a browser plug-in), and they really help.

Consider doing more if you have some sysadmin chops.

Yeay, @torproject !

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