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Passing thought for trans folk, gender fluid, non-binary, etc.

In the Hungarian language, all pronouns are gender neutral.

ő == he or she
őt == him or her

OTOH, most Hungarians (at least outside of Budapest) are still pretty old-school in their views on gender identity.

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The 9-to-noon protocol

I've been too distracted for too long by too many ancillary things in my life. Seems like I hardly ever write any actual code any more. Prolly average < 1/2 hr/day. Am I even allowed to call myself a programmer at that point?

Implementing new "9-to-noon" protocol, effective immediately. 3 hrs/day (minimum) devoted to coding. Not dinking with editor/IDE configs, not getting lost in Man pages, not binge-reading StackOverflow threads ... actual coding.

... and ... go.

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An American in Sopron, pt 1,

I am an American expat, of Hungarian ancestry. Hungary allows for jus sanguinis (right of blood) citizenship, and thanks to that, I am now a Hungarian citizen, as well. I moved here about a year ago, for political reasons (details to follow, eventually).

Until now, I've used Mastodon intermittently, mainly as a tech-y news exchange. Moving forward, I hope to use it as an actual daily micro-blog about my life and experiences here in the EU (and beyond?).

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An American in Sopron, pt 2,

I'm mainly targeting my friends and family, both here and back in the US, but perhaps others will find it interesting, as well.

I will mainly be making posts visible only to my followers. If this interests you, maybe you want to follow me. If you follow me now for my FOSS/tech stuff, well, most of my friends are nerds, too, so that's not going away, but there'll be less of it, so maybe prune me off of your list (it's probably getting too long, anyway, right?)

New study says rocket scientists and brain surgeons aren't any smarter than the rest of us.

Assume the study is correct.

Does this make you feel better or worse about yourself, and/or your brain surgeon?

I noticed a 'thing' today ...

"Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die ...


The first computer I ever bought was an Apple ][+, about 40 years ago, cost me around $2,000.

The last computer I bought was a Darter from System76, about a hundred million times more powerful. Also cost about $2,000.

And that's without considering inflation...

The Verge has "how to opt out of our cookies" explanation, which is literally directions on how to disable cookies in your browser.

Not only is art dangerous ... it's supposed to be.

Why do (most) humans believe in putting animals out of their misery, when they are suffering and cannot be helped ... but not other humans?

Thanks @Gina ,

On the train back to The Hague with a nice Nintendo64 and a big-a** gaming TV.

Do you ever get the feeling that those 1-5 seconds you wait, after every click of every button/link on every app/site ... ultimately adds up to half your day?

So, anybody ever run into this (or, better, care to defend it)?

I'm walking my dog, on a leash, in the park. Another person walking their dog, off-lead. Their dog comes over to sniff, and then their dog gets growl-y with mine...

and they blame me for having my dog on a leash? ([email protected]#!?%?!)

I've had that happen at least 3 times in recent years. Apparently, some training philosophy that suggests dogs interact more politely when off-lead?

So, I moved to The Hague a few months ago. Nice city overall; two thumbs up.

But of note are the parks. They have multiple huge (square-kilometer-ish) forests, wetlands, lakes and other natural areas scattered t/out the city.

And many, many birds, mostly waterfowl. I thought I might start posting pics of my explorations.

To start, we have a new family in our nearest park here...


It's been 10-15 days since I checked in.

But as of this morning, your posts (and your boosts) are all I see in my regular "Home" feed. Same thing both in my mobile app and in the browser.

I follow 50+ people, some quite chatty. Through my profile, I can visit their profiles, and see their recent posts there ... but I still do not see those posts in my regular feed.

Anyone else receive this? Seeing the same issue? Suggestions?

Please write back to confirm you got this. thx.

Anyone in The using downloaded from any alternate (Android) source besides the Google Play store? I see it's available on ... does that work? Any tips?


Hi @gael

I don't know if you already saw/tooted it, but /e/OS got a detailed test-run and a good review at It'sFOSS! the other day.

... here it is:

What is the deal with "butter flavor"? Is it just me? I like the texture, and it seems to make other things taste better, but butter itself? I taste little or no flavor at all.

Is this a genetic thing, like being able to roll your tongue?

Moving to The next month, specifically The Hague.

Any Dutch Mastos want to chat? Meet up? Warn me off?


Hoi @Gina,

Here's an "out of Left Field" question for you. How are the avocados there in Amsterdam? Good quality? Expensive?

I'm a big avocado-and-guacamole fan(-atic) ... and I recently discovered that, for some reason, Amsterdam is the main central entry- and distribution point t/out the EU for avocados.

So now I'm hoping to discover that avocados are good and cheap there ...

Hi @IzzyOnDroid

I want to learn to help out at , core Maintainer-stuff. As a hands-on practice project, I am writing a simple game to share there, to learn how to contribute and maintain apps, etc.

I am on both of the Git??bs, but I'm hosting my game-project on Codeberg, and would like to build/submit it from there directly.

I'm also reading thru this Issue, , and ... IDK, just thought I'd ping you, for guidance or whatnot.


I'm an American expat, living in Hungary (and kinda regretting that), planning on moving to the (probably the Randstad area, probably in/near the Hague). I'm looking to meet Dutchies here on Mastodon who like to chat about their homeland and life below sea level.

PS: Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands (dankuwel, Duolingo), but for now at least, English please.

Any takers?

Hoi @Gina

Not sure what your current work status is, but isn't/wasn't this basically what you do/did?

Any thoughts/opinions on the courses?


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