Hi @Gina

I've been reading your tale of woe, and particularly the extensive back-and-forth with people about what went wrong.

Is there any chance you, or someone else familiar with the project, could do some kind of blog or similar publicly accessible record of the project timeline? Plans and goals, software used, trials and tribulations, what worked what didn't, yada ...

For future adventurers?

@nattiegoogie @Gina I worked here for a consulting firm that focused on supporting non-profits and was strongly pro-#FOSS. We still often recommended and implemented Microsoft products (Office 365 over Libre, Windows over Linux desktops, etc...).

Many of the organizations had a huge turnover rate with volunteers, and the training costs of bringing new staff up-to-speed with less-well-known FOSS products grossly outstripped the savings over non-profit Microsoft prices.

It's a tough decision.

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