Recently on Twitter, some tech people openly shared how much they make.

It's good, but only rich workers are sharing. It doesn't help to feel good nor reflect anything about life quality, happiness, perspectives…

Let's try to make it more useful.

🏫 self-taught
🏷 front-end web developer

🌎 Brussels (Belgium)
⏳ 4 years
⏱️ 30 h./week
🎉 unhappy (noise, solo dev, uninteresting projects)

🤝 freelance
💸 25k € (44k inc. taxes)
🍨 no perks

📉 0 € savings/month
🔭 no perspective

👀 open to next gig



I'll play along. This needs a hashtag, though, so the entire Fediverse isn't just replying to your toot.

You started it. Pick a hashtag, and I'll toot my IT history under it.

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