Using , I just noticed a "tracking anti-feature" flag on my preferred note-taking app, Standard Notes ... but I can't find any info on it. And Standard Notes claims, pretty explicitly, not to track anything at all ever.

Anybody have any info? @IzzyOnDroid ?

Is F-Droid wrong or is Standard Notes lying?

@nattiegoogie The F-Droid Client doesn't show full details. You can check that via my repo browser. Go to

Scroll down to the "libraries" section, tap that entry to open. Watch out for the library marked with the Ⓣracking symbol. Find they are using "Bugsnag exception reporter for Android", which automatically raises the "Tracking" flag.

In my repo, tracking libs automatically raise that flag. I cannot tell whether they are configured opt-in or opt-out, though. (1/2)


Danke. I'll wave this in front of the Standard Notes devs, see what they say.

@nattiegoogie I'll need to work on some "exception system" where I can "white-list" certain app-library-combinations (e.g. do not flag ACRA for FoobarApp as it's well known they're using it in its default opt-in mode). Not there yet, so currently such things must go to the description. Where they should be anyhow: "We're using TrackingLib X this way…" in the desc means transparency. Should of course be truthful, which in most cases it will be.

@nattiegoogie Bugsnag describes itself as "library that automatically detects crashes in apps, collects diagnostic information and immediately notifies the development team." That means automatically reporting somewhere, and it's not clear (at least not to me) whether the user is even informed at all, let alone asked for confirmation. Hence the warning, so you are aware and, if concerned, can ask the devs about it. (2/2)

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