Hi @IzzyOnDroid

I want to learn to help out at , core Maintainer-stuff. As a hands-on practice project, I am writing a simple game to share there, to learn how to contribute and maintain apps, etc.

I am on both of the Git??bs, but I'm hosting my game-project on Codeberg, and would like to build/submit it from there directly.

I'm also reading thru this Issue, codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit , and ... IDK, just thought I'd ping you, for guidance or whatnot.


@nattiegoogie We've got a lot of apps hosted at Codeberg (I'm a Codeberg user myself), which is meanwhile well supported. We've a good team at RFP that will welcome you.

As for maintaining apps and helping out, good starters are my article on the topic (android.izzysoft.de/articles/n) and the videos of the related training sessions (libre.video/video-channels/fos). If something's unclear, you of course can always ask.

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