Hoi @Gina,

Here's an "out of Left Field" question for you. How are the avocados there in Amsterdam? Good quality? Expensive?

I'm a big avocado-and-guacamole fan(-atic) ... and I recently discovered that, for some reason, Amsterdam is the main central entry- and distribution point t/out the EU for avocados.

So now I'm hoping to discover that avocados are good and cheap there ...

@nattiegoogie everything produce wise is expensive in the Netherlands, especially the avocado's. Think €1 to €1,30 per piece in the supermarkets. The trick is to find markets or small Turkish stores.


Here in Hungary, avocados are rarely less than €2,00 apiece, and often bad quality ... and this is in a country where the median income is less than half that of the Netherlands.

So, surprise, Amsterdam avocados are actually cheap...


Hey, what about all you other EU Fedizens? How much do avocados cost where you live?

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