How many Raspberry Pis can one have before they have a problem?

... asking ... for a friend ...


How many is (ahem) "your friend" actually using, as opposed to sitting on a shelf, gathering dust. I think that's the critical metric ...

@nattiegoogie they all have plans to be used for something amazing...

RPis are the new "bookshelf" item, planned projects are just like planned reads.



I can't find details now, but I swear I read about someone (probably a university or such) building a Beowulf cluster out of a few thousand RPis, making their own supercomputer.

Myself, I still just want to make several networked little, mostly-autonomous, RPi BugBots that patrol my home and yard.

@nattiegoogie there are actually some pretty cool cases you can get for that. I've considered it some, but I ended up with a PC with a bunch of LXC containers instead.

Your bots sound cool!

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