I'm trying to say this tactfully, but...

For 20+ years, we've been tilting at the windmills of privacy, corporate/govt spying, tracking, yada. And we've been ridiculed and marginalized for it.

The world has welcomed the AmaGoogBook beasts into their homes, made it easy for Them, and damn near impossible for us to fight it.

Now, 80M American women are suddenly trying to learn how to hide their reasonable online activities from their own govt, because what was legal yesterday, is illegal today.

@nattiegoogie the more I think about it the more I feel like degoogling is the most reasonable course of action

except...I don't know many alternatives

@nattiegoogie Yes. And, because the entire computing and telecoms industries are funded by the exploitation of personal data, there is no reasonable way for American women or anyone else to get the privacy we expect and deserve without becoming privacy freaks and social pariahs.

We won't turn this around overnight, but that's no reason to stop fighting.

Today's job: write to my MP about the Tories' GDPR proposals. I've been putting it off. Today's the day.


Interesting point. Then again, I doubt there are going to be prosecutions for successful home abortions where the dead fetus is disposed of carefully (i.e. in a fire, burn until bones are dust).

@nattiegoogie Well said, and say it again for the folks in the back. You know tons of folks are digging years back into their social media feeds, taking down old posts as fast as they can. Retroactive punishment is b.s., but we're gonna start seeing it. Crap like this is why I got off of FB years ago and just NOW tried to get online again with privacy as my main concern.

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