Anyone in The using downloaded from any alternate (Android) source besides the Google Play store? I see it's available on ... does that work? Any tips?



One of the main cops, and one of the main drug dealers, the actors are British. If you don't already know which ones, don't look it up. It's more fun trying to pick 'em out in the show. Fantastic American accents for both of them. No trace of British accent ... and then you see them in an interview, speaking naturally, it's cool.

Hi @gael

I don't know if you already saw/tooted it, but /e/OS got a detailed test-run and a good review at It'sFOSS! the other day.

... here it is:

What is the deal with "butter flavor"? Is it just me? I like the texture, and it seems to make other things taste better, but butter itself? I taste little or no flavor at all.

Is this a genetic thing, like being able to roll your tongue?

@castrillo @e_mydata

Did you install it yourself, or get one of their pre-installed refurbs?

My daily driver has been one of their refurbished Samsung Edges for almost two years now (I was among the first).

I had a few minor gripes in the early days, as they worked out some bugs, but it has been a perfect phone now for well over a year.

Moving to The next month, specifically The Hague.

Any Dutch Mastos want to chat? Meet up? Warn me off?



“We, the undersigned, ask for the entire Board of the to step down ...”

Including those Board members who specifically voted against his reinstatement? This seems like overreach.


Yay. I've been pimping /e/ to my friends in the States for two years; no one wants to flash their own, not even my fellow geeks.

Maybe now we'll get some takers.


Hey, what about all you other EU Fedizens? How much do avocados cost where you live?


Here in Hungary, avocados are rarely less than €2,00 apiece, and often bad quality ... and this is in a country where the median income is less than half that of the Netherlands.

So, surprise, Amsterdam avocados are actually cheap...

Hoi @Gina,

Here's an "out of Left Field" question for you. How are the avocados there in Amsterdam? Good quality? Expensive?

I'm a big avocado-and-guacamole fan(-atic) ... and I recently discovered that, for some reason, Amsterdam is the main central entry- and distribution point t/out the EU for avocados.

So now I'm hoping to discover that avocados are good and cheap there ...

Hi @IzzyOnDroid

I want to learn to help out at , core Maintainer-stuff. As a hands-on practice project, I am writing a simple game to share there, to learn how to contribute and maintain apps, etc.

I am on both of the Git??bs, but I'm hosting my game-project on Codeberg, and would like to build/submit it from there directly.

I'm also reading thru this Issue, , and ... IDK, just thought I'd ping you, for guidance or whatnot.



This is curious to me ... what is the deal with you and Dutch? You can just take him out in public and he doesn't leave? Does he stay with you, or just comes back eventually?


I was in high school in the early '80s. I took 2 semesters of typing classes, on old beast typewriters like that, for my computer skills, back when everyone still thought of typing as a "secretary" skill. Bonus — I was one of the only boys in the classes. To this day, I can still type "properly" at 80+ wpm.

contributing to public software 


In the past, I have seen websites that list good projects for new contributors to start on, and/or important projects esp in need of help. I may even still have sthg bookmarked (I'll check).

E.g. I know is supposed to be a well-organized, good place for n00b contributors to start ... and I think is one of the most critical projects that often does not get enough help.

Anyone have recommendations?


I have two System76 laptops, a Darter and an Oryx. They ain't cheap, but they are good. And their Pop!_OS (a well-tweaked version of Ubuntu) dovetails nicely with their hardware.

The Bonobo is their top laptop beast, can rank right up there with high-end workstations if you throw in enough of the optional upgrades.

I'm an American expat, living in Hungary (and kinda regretting that), planning on moving to the (probably the Randstad area, probably in/near the Hague). I'm looking to meet Dutchies here on Mastodon who like to chat about their homeland and life below sea level.

PS: Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands (dankuwel, Duolingo), but for now at least, English please.

Any takers?


Yeah, not working for me, either ... though I am trying to connect from my own personal Matrix (Synapse) server instance, and so it may well be an issue w/my server config.

Hoi @Gina

Not sure what your current work status is, but isn't/wasn't this basically what you do/did?

Any thoughts/opinions on the courses?


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