Not the same, just a self-hosted "read it later" app ... but yunohost is a pretty cool project.



In fairness, the project owner makes it pretty clear that it's "not yet ready for prime time".

Implementation aside, I had the same initial reaction as you did ... the concept of your own personal, self-hosted Wayback Machine is brilliant.


Cis and proud.

Well, kinda.

Proud, that is.

But very cis.

Also bored, ATM.

Can'ya tell?


Damn. Day-late-dollar-short.

I'll swing back around in 364 days.

... (putting it in muh calendar now)


Yeah ... the sale they were hoping to sneak thru quietly w/o anyone noticing ... then had to reconsider, after the InterWebs exploded over the idea.

I'm so glad we have ICANN supervising this for us.



I'm sure I'll soon be seeing Blogs-o'-Plenty explaining all the many ways that homed sucks ... but until then, this sounds pretty sweet.

I especially like the on-the-fly, no-need-to-think-about-it, integrated LUKS encryption.


Holy crap. Systemd is 10 years old?!

Now I feel old ... again.


Not just programming. That bullet list effectively encapsulated every Linux problem I've ever had ... ever.


Did I miss something in the original article you linked? Are they forcing you to use Dark mode?



His argument boils down to 'web devs continue to ignore the need for dark mode, so we should just accept it'.

If I took that attitude, I'd be on Facebook and Twitter now.


Hi Gael.

I'm tooting to you via my S7 Edge /e/Phone.

Any update, any kind of timeline or estimate, on when refurb phones will be available in the US?

--Asking for American friends, who want to know...


I also used an F-Droid call recorder that worked seamlessly for over a year. I don't remember the name, so I can't be sure, but probably the same one others have recommended (looks like the only one currently being maintained).


FWIW, I started out on an Apple ][+, where hi-res was 192x280 and low-res was (I kid you not), 40x48 ... to this day, 720 actually does feel super-high-def to me.


The old Joe Pesci movie "My Cousin Vinny" is a goldmine of funny American accents.


You know what Mastodon needs? A magic "90%-filter", so when people you totally want to keep following, start spewing 100+ posts/day, it would filter out 90% of them, but magically know which of their posts I still want to read, and keep showing me those.

I have no idea what made me think of this.


Death, sure, I get that. But ill fortune? That's just mean.


I also love using open source software.

Sent from my Android phone with all the Google-crap ripped out of it, and it can still run almost a dozen different apps.

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