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Y'all remember that wonderful/depressing, awesome/horrific board game, Pandemic? So, without/before Googling/Ducking it, what do you think its sales look like these days?

I'm gonna find out, right after posting this.

Recent update?

My UX is screwed up ... extremely hard to scroll down, it keeps wanting to page left-and-right.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

Hey. . They keep reporting 2.3% fatality rate (or thereabouts). 86,000 sick, nearly 3,000 dead.

Basic math. Isn't that in the vicinity of 3.5+%?

Sure, probably add in a few thousand who have recovered and are no longer counted in that 86k ... but also gotta figure some of the current 86k aren't gonna make it, either.

Or am I missing something?

So, here is the danger of skim-reading the news in a language you only halfway understand ...

You learn about the latest hamster-buying frenzy ... no doubt some stupid new Twitter challenge (how many hamsters can you fit in your mouth? Post the video!) ... whatever. It's certainly not important enough for me to go look up 'hamsterkäufe' in my German-English dictionary.

Meanwhile, where's the latest news on that pandemic?


* 16 years, Milwaukee area
* 2-year degree, mostly self-taught
* Full-stack dev and consultant
* Mainly Microsoft stack — C#, T-SQL, ASP.NET
* Mostly gig work, project-specific, 2-month — 3-year gigs, ~15 overall

* Mostly, no perks at all
* Starting salary (in 2004) was $28k/$22k (gross/net)
* Since 2010, around $65k-90k/$50k-65k
* Often unemployed for months between gigs

* Last 2 years, voluntarily unemployed, living in EU
* Moving to Linux
* Burnt out (?)

Talk ... Anybody successfully self-hosting this? Got a "how-to-set-it-up" blog or such-like?

I've been hosting my own NC server for years. Overall, very pleased.

Tried Talk 18-24 months ago. Text worked (in fact, it still does - I never uninstalled it) ... audio and video never did.

I was told, outside of the LAN, you need your own TURN and/or STUN server(s), so I added those ... still didn't work (still doesn't - never uninstalled those, either).

Any tips, anyone?

The other day, I discovered the dog-version of reading while on the toilet.

Occasionally, while my dog is "in the position", he discovers some interesting smell in front of him ... and he stays in the pooping position long after he's finished, because he's busy considering the smell.

Celsius == Fahrenheit — tip for the Math-Challenged ...

Start at freezing, +5 & +9. So--
0°C == 32°F
5°C == (32+9=)41°F
10°C == (41+9=)50°F
15°C == (50+9=)59°F
20°C == (59+9=)68°F

Bonus, easy-to-remember--
Room Temp ... 22°C~==72°F.

-40°C == -40°F == 'effin' cold.

Not perfect, and yeah, there's still some math, but way easier than the actual conversion formula.


So it's been a few months ... what's your long(er)-term opinion on pleroma? Still running your own private instance, at home, thru pagekite? Is the tech mostly behaving?

How would you rate the set-up, and the on-going maintenance difficulty?


Hi @Gina

I've been reading your tale of woe, and particularly the extensive back-and-forth with people about what went wrong.

Is there any chance you, or someone else familiar with the project, could do some kind of blog or similar publicly accessible record of the project timeline? Plans and goals, software used, trials and tribulations, what worked what didn't, yada ...

For future adventurers?

Hey y'all, I just noticed the Internet Wayback machine (aka, the Internet Archive, etc.) needs money.

They currently have a 2-for-1 Matching gift thing going. You give 'em $5, they get $15...

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!

... remember, I'm trying to start a Thing where Friday the 13th is a Good Luck day, 'cuz every Friday is "Good Friday".

Henceforth, it's Monday the 13th that's the bad-luck day ('cuz ... Mondays ... duh).

So anyway, Happy Friday the 13th ... it's gonna be a thing!


Noticed you 'cuz you joined . Started following you 'cuz, from your avatar, I discovered h2g2. How the hell did I not know about this place? Gods, I miss stumbleupon.

At any rate, howdy, and thanx.

My brother likes to say, if you're depressed when life is going reasonably well, that's a health issue ... but if you're depressed because life actually sucks ... well, in that case, being happy would be cause for concern.

Just ordered a new robo-vacuum ... since when does expedited shipping cost *less than* standard shipping? I literally saved €1.50 by having it delivered 3 days sooner ... WTF?

Mastodon is the gateway drug. Now, I'm eyeballing , , , etc.

It's all Mastodon's fault.

So, interesting quirk of learning languages.

The Hungarian word for 'secretary' is 'titkár' (or titkárnő), which is very similar to 'titkok' (secrets) ... so the word kind of means 'the keeper/manager of secrets'.

I noticed this odd similarity between these two Hungarian words, without ever noticing the exact same association exists in my native English.

On top of which, I'm now wondering why this same word-pairing exists in two completely unrelated languages.

Languages are weird.

On RottenTomatoes, Season 4 has by far the biggest disparity between critics and audience approval ratings I've ever seen.

Critics - 89%

Viewers - 28%

WTF? Anyone care to hazard an informed opinion on this? (Minimal spoilers, please. I still haven't seen it.)


I just learned that there are only 500 /e/Phones in the wild. I had assumed there were thousands of 'em.

That means my personal (perceived) share of responsibility to the project — to test, note and report bugs, to promote and support it, etc — just ratcheted waaay up.


Great phone. Go buy one, maybe two.

Hi @gael.

So 3 months ago, I bought one of the first /e/Phones, a refurbished S7 Edge with a nice Android OS.

I figured I was among the first few hundred buyers. Now I see they are only up to #500, which means mine must be, like, #8.

People, these are good phones. The camera software sucks. That's my only real complaint; apart from that, it rocks.

How are these things not selling faster?! Support / . Buy a damn phone.

Holler out to @gael, who started it all.

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