Here's an idea. Instead of treating midjourney/dalle 2/stable diffusion as the end point, perhaps consider it the starting point. An idea generator, or seed, for your work.

First 300 digits of pi rendered as 7 segment displays with no vertical spacing. I love how it creates connected vertical structures. Inspired by recent TTY prints by ef1j95

#penplotter #plottertwitter #generativeart #creativecoding #mastoart

Form follows function
Form follows emotion
Form follows cleaning robot compatibility

Having mastodon filter out everything with the word m u s k was really great.
I don't care about that dude and I don't think I ever will

I've spent most of the day FINALLY updating my #TokiPona dictionary. It now includes 150 words with English and French definitions and glyphs in sitelen pona and sitelen sitelen (though not all sitelen sitelen glyphs are available, Ku words haven't been vectorized as far as I know.) And it works offline, it's a single HTML file with no JavaScript.

I've updated it on my website but SourceHut will have to wait, I'm fed up with web development for a few weeks.

Started doodling again. Might make a series of these.

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