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Echo chambers are the antithesis to having the necessary, open, democratic debate.

The Lively Center of the Lagoon Nebula

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble; Processing & Copyright: Mehmet Hakan Özsaraç #APOD

Asmongold on why his gf left him:

Se "Asmongold realizes why his ex-girlfriend broke up with him" på YouTube

If nothing else, the Depp/Heard trial thats unfolding these weeks is a testament to what can reasonably be called a dysfunctional marriage in the apex of celebrity society; people with truckloads of money, personal demons, red wine and cocaine, where living out a train wreck in full public view is still overall a plus for your public relations.

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The mathematical reality of encryption: If we allow a surveillance tool to target one set of content, it can easily be aimed at another. The uncomfortable truth is: Anti-CSAM surveillance doesn’t work #chatcontrol


Human effort is what creates.

The market may value an item so-and-so, but that is just an estimation process; the human work, focus and effort is that which creates what is valuable.

Word of the day:

Adjective: meaning unkempt appearance, lazy attitude to hygiene or tidiness, dirty, unwashed, careless.

Early 1990s: 14400 bps modems

Mid 90s: 28.8 kbps, 64 Kbps ISDN

Late 90s: "56K" modems

~2000: ADSL @ 256 Kbps

Early-mid 00s: Up to 2 Mbps ADSL

Late 00s: Fibre optics 20-100 Mbps

~2010: 3G mobile

~mid 2010s: 4+4,5G mobile

late 2010s: Fibre up to 1 Gbps

2020: 5G mobile


@Prude @verita84 @a7 @neko Well, yeah, downtown SD is nice, downtown LA is always some kind of weird adventure, something ridiculous happens. I still haven't updated this map (:pressf: for Fry's Electronics), but it should be helpful for anyone going to this city. Everyone always goes directly to the No-Go Zone and then leaves; fine with me, the freeways are too crowded, but I do hate to see my hometown impugned. So although you can get a decent burrito anywhere in LA, most of the *really* good Mexican food in the city is in East LA.
@josh only thing i look out for when buying multivitamins is to make sure that if it contains any zinc or magnesium, make sure it isnt in the form of an oxide. Minerals bound to oxides absorb very poorly. So for example magnesium oxide is hot garbage and your body only picks up about 4% of what you consume. I don't have a specific brand I recommend but I suggest reading the label closely.

If you think the CurrentTopic cases (usually celebrity/Big Name foolishness) are silly, you're right.

I wonder what you'd think about the cases we don't see/wont get to see (severe political corruption/collusion/scheming costing astronomical sums and hundreds+ of human lives).

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