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Boosts/reposts here from my keyboard are not necessarily an expression of agreement or full agreement with what I repost; I often repost stuff simply because it carries a different /perspective/ on a given subject which may be useful or informative to consider. (Just sayin', although an enlightened/sensible reader will surely already expect this possibility of people.)

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Echo chambers are the antithesis to having the necessary, open, democratic debate.

Cartoonist Tatsuyo Ishida ( was banned by Twitter for this. Apparently, the ban has been lifted now.

f(x,y) = ((((-x) & (y ^ 20)) | ((22 ^ y) ^ (x + 12))) / ((~(x / y)) - (~(y | x)))) % 8

Extent: 512x512 (scaled x1)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

“Techbros” is a word that has no use any more I think. It describes a kind of douchebag who is definitely no longer employed at any woke-infested Californian company.

AI generated art 

Prompt: A new day rises

"The whole Earth is going in ruin and the young generations should make more noise about it. A small hand of greenwashing isn't sufficient, we need to put the whole model of economic development in discussion".

As an atheist, I would have never expected the more leftwing thing of the Italian electoral campaign to come from a Pope. And I couldn't agree more with him.


Currently testing on screenshot attached

Many of us have found DEEPL essential and never wanted to pipe any of our data and speech through Google.

I had my initial worries about "no google translate..." and well it uses DEEPL so that's sorted it seems!

Check website also if your server doesn't currently have translate:


#Mastodon #MastoDev #Translation #Language
#Unity #Understanding
#Language #DEEPL #API

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