People today may have trouble understanding how epic those machines were, or how important it was that you could get up and running for about a grand.

@neglesaks But that's an Amiga 500 in disguise, and it was released 2 years after the original Amiga 1000 :amiga:

@neglesaks happy birthday to the most awesome of personal computers!

Oh my...
Make me feel old.
And Nostalgic. - There was so much awe with the home PC's back then.


@randynose @claudiom Computing was *fun*. Today it is very streamlined, cookie cutter, and a so much is forcefully taken out of your hands by the manufacturer (for better or worse).

@randynose @claudiom tbh, Microsofts product offerings have become a lot better the last decade - and I used to be a hardcore MS renouncer! Still not a "fan" of the company, but I must show respect where earned, and it is in this case(s). MS has diversified alot, even onto Android where they make some decent apps. Their Edge browser is actually decent, too. And Windows 10 has gone from fair to an actual good product. 😳 Oh, and their mice are nice, too.

@randynose @claudiom Apple has gone downhill since Jobs died. Tim Cook is running a smooth operation.... at stowing away cash in creative ways in the world's tax havens.

@randynose @claudiom Google? Android is certainly a technological achievement, but that's the best I can say about that company. 🤢

@neglesaks @randynose @claudiom

Wow, another Edge fan :mahnigga.png: Best Linux browser by far. Edge is the only browser that cares about your battery life

@neglesaks Bah, these modern computers. 👴 (Former owner of Commodore PET 2001.) 😉

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