Apperently flashing new BIOS the night before deadline is not such a good idea... Or I really enjoy flashing SPI flashes until 3AM... :D

This is probbably the coolest thing since Vim!

It allows you to use real instance of Vim inside Zsh or Readline (mpsyt, weechat, profanity...)

Trust, but, verify.

If you can not verify, do not trust.

If you like Vim-like CLI apps, you will love this:

It replaces readline and adds Vim-like modes...

It even works with bash and zsh...

That feeling when you accidentaly press enter while typing rm -rf argument and execute it with existing path, but you have 30min old backup that can be restored πŸ˜‚

Google+ is shutting down! πŸ˜€

One more win for free social media!

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Hey Mastodon. I'm looking for a #FOSS app for #android to edit photos.

I would like to do basic editing such has cut and paste part of the image, filters ...
Light curve and cloning tool would be a nice extra.

I found nothing on #fdroid but maybe some of you know something !

Boost appreciated πŸ˜ƒ

Daily CLI tip:

netstat -tlpn
netstat -ulpn

This will tell you id there are any apps listening on your IPs.

Very important for security...

No need to share your calendar and contacts with cloud providers, just use this thing...

Great thing is it also provides local proxy you can use for usage with any software that supports CalDAV.

Daily CLI tip:


will give you weather for Belgrade (oe whatever city you pick)

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