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If you're reading this (either on your feed or on my user page) and you are a person that has an untraditional take on self identity and outwards expression, allow me to put you at ease and tell you:


I could not care less how you view and express yourself. What matters to me is that you are a sentient, conscious, intelligent creature with which I can interact and hope to achieve fruitful and meaningful exchange.

So relax, don't label me and talk with me.

I won't bite.

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As I'm going through the motions on how to evolve my... whatever... I'm coming up with a small theme list:

- my challenge; this is to continue and broaden the scope
- all things on sex; ideas, fantasies, practices, suggestions, sex toys
- I want to shave down around 20kg; cooking, exercise, meditation

That's it.

Oh, I also expect to become a bit more explicit in the future, with the random photo being uploaded. Better learn how to properly use the CW.

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This is my "journal" on my journey into putting myself to the test and cleaning my act.

I've decided to stop masturbating for good.

Because I'm in a relationship, sexual encounters are the only outlet I will from now on consider legitimate.

Only problem is that I tend to have a very strong libido in opposition to my partner.

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Someone explain me the meme craze.

Seriously, I completely fail at getting this concept. And get even more confused when I'm confronted with what is supposed to pass as a "new way to pass ideas and humour". Sure...

I've been away. Not much to say, a lot to think about but nothing relevant or worthy to put here.

Sometimes, this network feels like an exquisite exercise of exhibitionism crossbred with voyeurism: everybody talks, everybody looks, but nobody actually listens.

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Sometimes it's hard to keep this up. Especially when I stumble on other truly (or more obviously oriented) adult themed accounts on Mastodon.

I don't like to spread what I don't create. I think that's lazy. And I think there's a visual overload of all things sex related nowadays.

Do I watch porn? Yes, from time to time. But it's much more pleasurable for me to read a good erotic story or simply talk about sex and sexuality.

I aim to tease and interact, not to be a ready to consume product.

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This account is going to turn deep into territory, starting today.

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The device I was using to record my progress had an unfortunate and untimely demise, meaning I lost the entirety of the data I relied on to keep myself in check.

In order to be somewhat fair to my goal and try my resolution a little bit, I simply docked my time and decided I'll only count as official from the first day of 2019.

This means I'm back to day 109. The current goal remains at 120 days. I'll keep adding 30 days extensions.

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Yay! Jockstraps!

Never thought I'd say it but these things are actually comfortable and kind of sexy to wear.

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And so it seems I am now, officially, part of a sex shop and the de facto guinea pig for testing all male related products.

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In the process of starting her own sex shop, my girlfriend's aiming for something light hearted, unlike the sex shops we've visited in the past, where the mood tended to be a bit too strong for someone just curious and looking for something to add a bit more fun to their sex life.

Unfortunately, we were never that really "vanilla" and we're a little frightful of going the same way.

Help us and tell us what kind of toys you'd like to see in a sex shop for the absolute beginner.

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