Anyone found a good alternative to Facebook events? It's the only thing I maintain a Facebook account for these days.

It would need to integrate with existing networks to help populate contacts and publish invitesm but actual RSVPing should probably not require an account.

I have found things like Attendize, but anything focused on "ticketing" is going to feel like overkill for inviting people to a birthday party or a backyard BBQ.

Is there a way to do some sort of provable deployment of code?

Basically is there a way to prove that some code is actually what has been deployed to a server with any reasonable degree of confidence? This would be really cool for software like .

Intuitively this sounds impossible, but maybe I am just not being creative enough. The best I can come up with is having a hosting provider that it can produce proof of what has been deployed to it. This moves trust up a level

Hmm, I really want to give an honest go at switching to a tiling window manager. Should I go with or ? Or something else entirely?

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A majority vote in both houses can overturn the FCC’s order and restore #netneutrality. Today, we're launching a new site to help save the neutral net: source:

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When you're learning by example, remember the UNIX developers' mantra: "Make it run, then make it right, then make it good" - and remember that a lot of what ends up in production stops with "Make it run".

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Today I realized that I cannot expect people on the Internet to have heard of the Geek Social Fallacies any more.

The Geek Social Fallacies are five things that geeks often believe about How Socializing Should Work, that cause a lot of conflict. I've found them to be pretty useful as a way to put a handle on certain concepts, and maybe even avoid going into bad situations.

(Looking at them in 2017, I find myself wondering how many of the GSFs the design of most social networks is running straight into...)

Would be nice if the language filter had an option of excluding toots with media or links. I gain nothing from text only toots I can't read, but getting random pictures from around the world is cool.

Been interesting to see the resurgence of browser based games with the wave of .io games. Multiplayer + no install is pretty huge.

Checking out mastodon, kicking the tires on a few instances, seeing how things differ.

Thinking about how federation could help keep VR worlds from becoming yet another set of walled gardens 🤔


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