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Microsoft is shutting down its ebook store, and deleting all its customers' libraries:

The only reason they can do this is DRM, which means you never really own anything you've paid for.

Physical books are the most obvious alternative, but there are also DRM-free ebook shops. @libreture has a good selection here:

You can find more book-related alternatives here:

(via @yogthos )

#eBooks #Books #Bookshops #Bookstores

Old method:
Send a verification link to user's email

New method:
Give us your email password. We'll verify it ourselves

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Hate towards our most loved appstore Show more

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Updated pi-hole to the latest commit. The implementation of pi-hole is very minimal and there is no statistics gathering. A conflict between pi-hole dnsmasq and the NYC Mesh DNS setup has also been resolved.

And thats not all. The whole site is a joke 😂

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Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of shit. His platform sucks ass so now that governments are investigating it he's all like, I wish it could be better but there's no laws for it, it's not my fault! Fuck off

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Here we are!
You need just 2 min to chat in freedom with #XMPP instead #Whatsapp or other proprietary IM!

* Download an XMPP app from PlayStore or F-Droid, search for Conversations or Pix-Art Messenger
* Open a browser and register an XMPP account from a provider (i chose
* Open the app and insert the account user/password
* Add your friends contact, like you're writing an email!
* Chat! 😁


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@neutron looks like a good protocol.
The U2F protocol is slightly smarter though, in that it requires the website to store an opaque "key handle", and what it contains depends on what authenticator you use.
This means there has to be a registration step (which is very similar to regular login though), but also makes it possible to have multiple identities per website, and also gives implementations more flexibility in how they generate the key.

U2F with empty key handle is more or less SQRL.

Here are some screenshots of Mozilla's upcoming Firefox Fenix browser. It is still under development and some of the features are not yet implemented. But basic stuff are working.

If you're curious and want to build it, This is the source repo

These screenshots are taken in it's 'private session' mode.


Neutron boosted does not bow to EU article 13.

We do not negotiate with megacorp terrorists.

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Onionize everything and let these fucks figure out who's the owner.

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