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not looking forward to going back to work

John just put the Indra optic in his eye!!!

working on a custom front panel for my computer case. would be nice to have a laser cutter

trying to find a home video from 2012 I have no idea which hdd it is on or if I even have it anymore

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Imagine what it must be like to be Hunter Biden right now. He’s sitting in the White House and his phone must be absolutely blowing up.

Leaders of minor league countries and dubious business men offering him tens of millions of dollars to arrange meetings with his father.

It’s okay to admit you’re jealous.

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fuck UPS post
delay after delay after delay

flying over valencia makes me wanna go back

just one more sleep until my new headphones 🎧

wanted to get the Oculus Quest 2 but fuck zucc.. sad there doesn’t seem to be a viable way of using it without fb

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