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I'm Nikkie! He/him, 20. I'm Canadian and have been my whole life. I'm currently studying Accounting at college, though I have interest in Drawing, 3D Modelling, and Writing, of which I am currently neck deep in a Story Idea™ I can't put down.
I am autistic. I always attempt to be kind, so if I don't come off as such please tell me!!

I'm almost done with chapter 5 of "The Soul Snatchers' Saga"

It's my birthday today today. I'm 21 now! :D

I didn't sleep at all last night and I still don't feel sleepy. Haven't done that since high school! :0

I hate being stuck when writing a scene. I often end up just restarting the whole bit and it feels like such a let down to myself when I hit that Delete key. However, I have no idea what else I could do at that point, and a fresh start is always a good working point, no matter how much it hurts.

I decided to get myself a beta-reader for my story and I sent my chosen person an over 2k character message to ask them and now my anxiety is telling me that the message was too long

here's a little excerpt!

“I spoke with all of the men they invited for my sake. All twenty of them! And not one of them was suited for me. Only six of them understood my desire to read fiction, and only three of them accepted that I had non-noble friends! Yet, despite that, all of them proceeded to have the most foul personalities. Not an ounce of appreciation or kindness was expressed. They all acted like being there was a chore, as if all they needed to do to court me was show up!”

I wish I knew more writers, so I could talk to them about writing because all I have is my brother and he's always busy

having weird and obscure hobbies, such as my ... unique spreadsheet creating, can make it really difficult to find resources to ensure the continuing of those hobbies :/

I have a prologue for one of my stories posted on Archive of Our Own, have for a week or so now.
If anyone wants to read it, you can find it at this link:

I feel like my inspiration and motivation to write have dwindled.
Which is sad, cuz I wanted to use winter break to write more, but, oh well. I guess I won't be writing anything.

The darkness spread like cracks through the air, the jagged lines filling the vision of everyone on the street.
They watched as everyone who touched the dark aberration instantly turned black and disappeared, as if consumed.
After the commotion died down, all that was left was a large empty space where only the crack existed.
The people were quiet, as if too surprised to be properly scared.

I woke up at 1PM today and I feel so happy that I didn't wake up any later, say, 3 or even 5pm instead

Too tired to properly stop himself, Lora ran right into the door with a smack. After shaking off the shock of his sudden stop he then pounded his fist on the door, dreading the possibility that whoever lived there wasn’t home. Painful moments passed where nothing happened. Dread slowly settled more and more in Lora’s stomach, but eventually, the door opened, and standing in its frame like a fallen angel was something Lora thought he would never ever see.
A human.

Rewriting stuff is so tedious. I hate going back to something and seeing all these faults with them but not knowing any way to fix them. So I leave things unchanged for days and then lose all motivation for the project.

Rashidi's skin was buzzing. It was uncomfortable and the touch of fabric only made it worse. He wanted so hard to be able to take his clothing off and just stand in the middle of the room where nothing could touch him, but he had friends over. It wouldn't be proper.
So Rashidi went silent, focussing solely on the feel of his skin, to process only the overwhelming sensation and nothing else.
He hoped his friends didn't notice.

I have something I'm working on:

Khamseen’s tail came out of nowhere, the cyan scales filling Zephyr’s vision as it smacked her in the face. Zephyr fell to the ground, the surprise of the hit having left her defenseless against it. Above her, Zephyr heard Khamseen sigh.
“You’ll never improve those reflexes Zephyr, not at this rate,” he said.
Zephyr shot him a glare. “Yeah, but I can fight better than almost anyone else in the group. I don’t need reflexes if I’m gonna win anyway.”

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