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The young dragon's scales were green, however a black stripe ran the length of his snout. He wore rag-like clothing, declaring how uncared for he was. Though, that wasn't a surprise, considering his colouration.
"What's your name?" Etesians asked.
"Williwaw," the boy replied flatly.
Etesians hummed, thoughtful.
"Are you happy?" He asked.
Williwaw's eyes got misty.
"That's a no then," Etesians said.
He sighed and grabbed Williwaw's hand.
'One more orphan won't hurt,' Etesians thought.

I wonder if people would like to read the stuff I'm writing..

I did a Taekwondo demo today. It was very cool, but there were other performers there that were clearly more capable than the Para-Taekwondo demo team I was a part of. It's not my, or my team's, fault, but it still feels bad when I know that the capabilities of our members are what's holding us back from being completely spectacular.
Still, it felt good to perform, so I'm happy :)

Writing a side story for my Main Story Idea™ is frustrating because I love the Idea, but it's not the Actual Main Story

“How are they tracking you?” He finally asked, his voice accented and strangely lilted.
Tears flowed down Lora’s cheeks, his fur getting damp in the process.
“Th-they… I have a brand on me, it’s like identification,” he said, voice wet. Lora then lifted his arm, revealing the burn mark that was his brand to the man.

Despite being autistic myself, I don't know if I am able to write an autistic character. I'm worried I won't portray disorder correctly

TaeKwonDo is an interesting martial art. I've put up with it for nearly 8 years now and I don't feel more well-equipped to defend myself, but I've certainly made a lot of friends because of it, so I guess it's done me some good

Writing is stupid. It takes up so much space in my mind and in my life, but do I ever get any actual writing done?? NO >:O

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This place feels definitively different, but altogether much better than tumblr
However, I haven't been here all that long, so who knows if that'll change

I've always wanted a cool username like "CaffeineWitch" or "CCNeverender", but I was never able to come up with something suitable to me

I toyed with the idea of something to do with angels, but it never got very far

I'm Nikkie! He/him, 20. I'm Canadian and have been my whole life. I'm currently studying Accounting at college, though I have interest in Drawing, 3D Modelling, and Writing, of which I am currently neck deep in a Story Idea™ I can't put down.
I am autistic. I always attempt to be kind, so if I don't come off as such please tell me!!

I'm working on something...

Maradalel smiled. “I win.”
The boy blinked, his face cyan with surprise. “I guess you do,” he said.

I really like this line that I wrote

The smirk on Nikeese’s face morphed into a much more genuine smile. “Well, yes. But it’s always nice to ask first, isn’t it?” He said as he walked over and sat on the bed.

I have a transition that feels awkward to me :/

Though she didn’t like that Rashidi had tried to hide a change with her treatment, he only did it to try to surprise her with something good.
Rashidi’s fiddling started to become aggressive, fingers rubbing quickly at the edge of his sleeve. “I, um…”

Don't know what to do with it


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