Very nice DNS service. Pi-Hole Cloud version, so to speak.

referer link:

normal link:

Why ppl hating on the Pixel 4 so much? I just got one for a great deal. And it is a great phone. Had an iPhone X before and a Galaxy S8+ before that. The Pixel 4 is great.

Sharing encrypted data is quite complex. We have now achieved a milestone by enabling you to share your zero-knowledge calendar with others! 😃🎉

think about it before you pay lots of money for games on stadia. Actually think about it before you try to even use this bullshit in general.

Very nicely written in simple English and layman terms - will help understand why online privacy is important and what are the long term consequences of not shielding your online privacy.


Five years ago, we released Tutanota. With your help we've achieved a lot so far:
✅ Rebuilt email client to achieve great speed and design
✅ Published an F-Droid app
✅ Made Tutanota completely Google-free
✅ Published desktop clients
✅ Turned Tutanota into a green email service
✅ Added an encrypted search feature
✅ Added an encrypted calendar
Much more is to come in the future, stay tuned. 😃🎉

"I am very impressed, to the point where I could recommend these people without reservation." - What an awesome review by Steve Gibson in his #SecurityNow podcast. 😃😍🎉

Try it out. I've Linux experience since 20+ years. And this is one of the best distro I've used so far for home desktop usage and gaming.

If you do not want to use twitter. But sometimes you can not stay away from it. Just use instead. You can also an RSS reader with nittter. To get updates on peoples timelines and tweets. But of course mastodon is the real deal.

Compression has been activated! We're giving you virtual free storage of 10 GB. 😃🎉

Datenschutz dürfe keine Rücksicht auf Kriminelle nehmen, lese ich. Meine Antwort: Erstens verlieren auch Straftäter (und deren Angehörige) nicht ihre Grundrechte. Zweitens ist damit keine ausufernde Überwachung von weitläufig Verdächtigen(!) oder(!) aller BürgerInnen begründbar

Oops. Thousands of Google Calendars are leaking private information quietly on the Internet, allowing anyone to not only access sensitive details but also add new events with maliciously crafted info & links:

Better switch to an encrypted calendar: 😉

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