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alright, I finally got around to making my own instance! catch me at @phoenix because I'll be switching to that now

lain said not to update but looks like I'm gonna update anyway

I guess I'll just be hanging around on mstdn for now until this bug is figured out

I'm so confused, pleromafe loaded posts on my phone but when I tried to sign in it was unable to show any posts. Looks like my db must be fucked or something

Ok so.. it's not just federation, I'm unable to fetch *any* posts

Federation seems to be broken on my instance, and it happened right after adding a user and updating to the latest version. Not sure what's up with it and if anyone knows how I can fix it, it would be much appreciated

Ok so shit hit the fan on my pleroma vps after upgrading nginx and now nginx isn't using the pleroma config and I don't know what to do

alright, I finally got around to making my own instance! catch me at @phoenix because I'll be switching to that now

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I can't decide if the new sqlite code of conduct is funny or sad

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back in the 90s internet explorer could display webpages full of animated gifs without breaking a sweat but displaying 3 in firefox chokes one of your cores in 2018

we live in a society
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Albin forked pixelfed too, lol good luck with that.

Wtf is this shit??? It's a mastodon instance the harvests your data unless you pay them.... (props to them at least being upfront about it)

Melty Blood is actually really fun, new favorite fighting game right here

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