@regal yeah, I opted out the second I saw it but most of discord's users won't be lucky enough to see it. discord keeps getting worse and worse every month, I swear. I'd easily ditch it if all my friends didn't use it.

@novaphoenix at this point there's nothing that compares to the vast reach, ease, and "prettiness" of Discord, and for my non-techie friends that pretty much completely consigns us to Discord...

Anyways I'm about to draft my email. Do I have to do anything special, or simply request opt-out via the email I use Discord with?

...also gonna warn my friends

@regal Update from rapptz:
"What do I send in the email?

You just have to mention somewhere that you're opting out, no special format necessary. Note that the email has to be the one registered with your Discord account. If you want a quick message to send, just say "I am opting out" in the body of the email."

@novaphoenix oh sweet thanks for the update. I went much more formal and "harder to weasel out of" in my template I shared, but I'm glad that legally, it's very bare bones

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