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back in the 90s internet explorer could display webpages full of animated gifs without breaking a sweat but displaying 3 in firefox chokes one of your cores in 2018

we live in a society
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Albin forked pixelfed too, lol good luck with that.

Wtf is this shit??? It's a mastodon instance the harvests your data unless you pay them.... (props to them at least being upfront about it)

Melty Blood is actually really fun, new favorite fighting game right here

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So showed one of my freinds that plays tf2 my gauntlet run, but before I did so I asked what his best time was

It was 1:40


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It has been on for over 5 hours so far. Running from a single 18650. I'm going to leave it running over night with a clock and uptime on screen so i will know when it runs out of juice. That's the beauty of epaper. I will know exactly what it was doing and when it loses power because it will stay on screen. (ง ื▿ ื)ว

The titanfall 2 gauntlet has made me want to get in to speedrunning, but the problem is that speedrunning is very time consuming. I love the gauntlet because it's just a short 30 second run. Playing a game perfectly for 3+ hours does not sound entertaining to me

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Important info re: Discord's Terms & Conditions Show more

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@regal Update from rapptz:
"What do I send in the email?

You just have to mention somewhere that you're opting out, no special format necessary. Note that the email has to be the one registered with your Discord account. If you want a quick message to send, just say "I am opting out" in the body of the email."

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y'all discord users ought to send an email to them saying you opt out of their arbitration clause in case they ever need sued

if you don't trust me read the eula yourself and decide if not having your right to sue them taken away is worth an email

(or, you know, maybe avoid the service entirely if you're able and willing)


Anyone else having issues with where you'll get randomly disconnected from the server, even though your network is perfectly fine?

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