@nuclear would it be possible to have a "shuffle all" button on an artist? or is that not feasible

@Matter How would you like it to work? Add all top tracks then randomize them? There is already a shuffle mode, which plays songs from your current queue at random.

@nuclear Yeah I know and that's what I was using but it only adds a couple tracks when I would want to add all of them, to shuffle between all songs of an artist

@Matter So what's missing is the ability to add all the tracks from an artist to the queue. Or would you prefer a system similar to the autoradio feature where random songs from a chosen artist are automatically added to the queue so you never run out?

@nuclear I would prefer to be able to add all tracks from an artist, feels less like (fallible) magic to me

@Matter Alright, I added this to the issues backlog, will work on it soon.

@nuclear oh thanks a bunch! I never touched Electron before (bah 😆) but I might try to take a look at the project in the following weeks


@Matter Cool, don't forget that requesting features and sharing your insight about the program are also contributions!

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