Did you know that Spotify records and analyzes your voice and speech patterns to target their ads more accurately? Don't you ever wonder if they really need that to let you listen to music?

@gmate8 @nuclear Jeah, At least Android gives you the change to control app usage rights ro so they tell... Any info about conteders like Tidal using voice records to data mining and ad targeting?

@nuclear they let you listen to music so they can listen to you

@nuclear Have they actually implemented this? (Not that that’s the point: the very fact that they would file such a patent tells you exactly how they’re thinking. Not that we needed that to know that either, of course, because their business model tells us everything we need to know to begin with.)

@nuclear Eh? Where do they even get permission to access a microphone? Is this mobile app only? I've used #Spotify occasionally before, admittedly only through the web browser, and never had to give them microphone permission...

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