Nope, there will never be any ads in Nuclear, period.

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@nuclear I truly appreciate that attitude. Fuck ads. We should call them aids.

@tio We get tens of thousands of views on the website every week, so we could probably squeeze some money out of that - but I hate ads, and why betray the trust of our users?

@nuclear Yeah that would ruin the project entirely. Plus it is a slippery slope for you guys as well. On top of that you are a lot more liable for your project if you monetize it. Some companies may come after you because you enable users to listen to music for free. bad bad bad human beings you are!

So yeah please keep it ads free. I may even include it to our Linux distro as the default music player. I really like it and use it a lot.
@nuclear By the way reading this on your website " We collect no data and have no telemetry, no Code of Conduct, no Contributor License Agreement and absolutely no ads. " it fits so perfectly with what we have release a few years ago called "trade-free" . If you want you can use that label too and link to the website. It is a neat way of saying something is purely free: no ads, no data trading, nu currencies involved, no bullshit. Up to you.
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