Do you know musicians who use free software to create music? What programs do they use? Maybe you're one of them?

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@nuclear there's the most incredible stuff for FOSS music production nowadays. LSP, Carla, DISTRHO, B.Music, Ardour, zrythm, to name just a few...


sure ardour for acoustic tracking and lmms for frustration but I'm more sample/synth/loop orientated so tested less free stuff like reaper and @zrythm
where throughout the betas I've been able to happily migrate some work flows

@nuclear It's probably a bit much to describe me as a "musician", but I use Ardour, BespokeSynth, and a ton of FOSS plugins on Linux.

I offer professional mastering services based on mostly DIY hardware and an entirely free software pipeline. So there's that.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in having more information.

@nuclear I use Qtractor, LMMS, Ardour, and bunch of other great apps. I use only open source software for my music.

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