Nuclear now has more followers on Mastodon than on Twitter... I don't know what to attribute this success to, but the Fediverse sure is friendlier and more free software-oriented


I will never touch Twitter so glad to see you on here !

@nuclear When will be available Nuclear for Android?

@bkrl @nuclear Am I weird when I think that Google would not allow that kind of music industry shit storm to happen on the Android platform ? :D

@TiKXI @nuclear Google can do something in "its" Android not in others'. It signed that the software is open source. Now it gets shit in the face, federative eh... ;)

@bkrl @nuclear jeah but play store listing is a unpossibility.

@bkrl @nuclear So places marginal users already know. Doesn't bother me and Google and wash their hands without giving a legal ugh.

@nuclear Well that's great! A really great music player and you re also on the fediverse! I moved a year ago to the fediverse and never looked back. Yes we had thousands of followers for our main project on FB and the like, but here there are more valuable people I feel like, and more and more are joining it. So that's great!
@nuclear just say something about Russia or women and your twitter engagement will skyrocket, guaranteed.

@nuclear thanks for encouraging use of the fediverse by being part of it:)

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