Nuclear now has a command palette, a useful tool for the power users allowing you to control the player using only keyboard.

We will be expanding this functionality in the future to make it even more powerful.

We are pleased to announce that Nuclear will be the first free music player to feature integration

We've just refreshed our website. It's available at as always for you to check out.

Mastodon integration is live on master branch, let us know about any suggestions about it

Visualizer for Nuclear is almost complete, it will include dozens of Winamp-style plugins!

The equalizer feature is complete, thanks to charjac. Looks and works awesome.

Reviews have been redesigned.
The best new music dashboard should be way less confusing.

4 more features to go and release 0.5.0 will be ready. Then a couple of days of bugfixing.

New compact styles for sidebars ensure Nuclear will look great even on small screens or resized

Working on new compact style for menu bar and other cosmetic options - more customizability

We've added an option to get an alternative stream source from music source plugins so you can fix inaccurate results quickly


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