Non-technical contributions to open source projects are as valuable as code. I decided to highlight this and in particular explicitly invite graphic design-related contributions:

Nuclear 0.5.0 released:

If you do encounter any bugs, please inform me here or on Github before I send an email to our 2500 subscribers and embarrass myself with a broken build

Integrating the internationalization framework was a stunning success. Many contributors offered their help with translating, and thanks to them, we already support 5 languages, and there are more coming.

A framework for translations has been integrated, and now we're looking for contributors willing to translate Nuclear into languages they know:

Getting ready to release Nuclear 0.5.0. All new features are already developed, including support for local files, downloads, equalizer, and more. We're just placing final finishing touches now.

@jfml Maybe if you start playing before a stream is loaded, this can happen. But better to create an issue on Github so we can investigate and make sure what's going on. I think we've taken care of a couple of similar bugs lately in the dev version, so this will probably gone in the next release.

@marsxyz @funkwhale Yes there is:

There were a few requests to add support for it and I really liked it after trying it out.

Btw, downloads are available in the development version if any of you would like to beta test the feature and share ideas for improvements.

@Matter Cool, don't forget that requesting features and sharing your insight about the program are also contributions!

@Matter Alright, I added this to the issues backlog, will work on it soon.

@Matter So what's missing is the ability to add all the tracks from an artist to the queue. Or would you prefer a system similar to the autoradio feature where random songs from a chosen artist are automatically added to the queue so you never run out?

@xj9 @Matter There is already a feature called "autoradio" that works very similarly to this. It also fetches random similar tracks from and queues them.

@Matter How would you like it to work? Add all top tracks then randomize them? There is already a shuffle mode, which plays songs from your current queue at random.

@kelbot @Matter Doesn't make it any more acceptable, especially since the entire point of keybase is to link profiles, something that formerly was a very difficult task, and now is being done willingly by fooled users.

@Matter An even better question is why would anyone voluntarily make it easier for advertisers to tie all your accounts on many different services together? People pay top dollar for this and keybase now has a very valuable database all filled in by the very people who will be disadvantaged by this the most

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