Would you like to write free software and get paid? I am looking for someone to help me kickstart a mobile version of Nuclear.

So I would need a project skeleton with some basic playback functionality, and a setup that will allow me to develop the project further without a smartphone.

If you think you can do it, DM me on Mastodon with a rough estimate of costs, and possibly links to some of your previous work.

Google trying to cripple Nuclear again, stay tuned for updates

If you are a 4chan user, you can install this automatic captcha solver userscript to never worry about captcha again:

This URL is blacklisted so if you attempt to post it, you get banned for 3 days.

Another one of Google's attempts at crippling Nuclear thwarted:


We live to listen happily and without yet another day

android phone with a linked google account is a massive red flag

Installing Emacs for org mode is just vendor lock in

We now have a promotion signup form for artists at the top of the website. This will be an optional feature where we showcase selected indie artists, along with other music discovery options. If you have a friend who makes music, make sure to refer him!

@divVerent If it does it's orders of magnitude harder and rarer than on Matrix. False equivalence.

@Wraptile I didn't have any problem with spammers on Discord. I had a huge one on Matrix due to just 1 guy. On Matrix, you can always find a new instance with public signups to spam from. No such thing on Discord.

There are no viable moderation bots on Matrix. There are dozens free moderation bots on Discord, and it also has many built in tools. There are almost no user management tools on Matrix. Discord offers granular role controls.

@Wraptile I haven't had any problems with spammers with more than a 1000 users on Discord. On Matrix, the server is paralyzed because of a single determined guy at a fraction of that. There are no bans, it's always just a matter of finding a new public instance. Discord has much better tools to combat this.

Nuclear now has more followers on Mastodon than on Twitter... I don't know what to attribute this success to, but the Fediverse sure is friendlier and more free software-oriented

Do you know musicians who use free software to create music? What programs do they use? Maybe you're one of them?

@nebunez Setting it up takes not more than 0.5-1 hour. It's great for cooperation with your team's designers, or doing a sort of visual form of TDD. If your components aren't ready though, it's going to take you some time to write stories for them, otherwise it's a breeze. You can also automatically generate snapshot tests from your stories, or put them in a visual testing tool like Percy.

@nebunez We're using storybook for prototyping our UI components

Our Matrix.org room is invite only, and the Discord server is treated as the "default" place to chat, with Matrix slowly being deprecated (while still bridged).

Matrix has an enormous problem with spam and abuse, and is not equipped, at all, to deal with it. One dedicated person is all it takes to kill your community. Federation is an anti-feature that makes spammers' lives easier.

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