Nuclear v0.6.11
We're working on code quality and bugfixes, new features are pushed back until we reach a decent code coverage. A Korean translation was added in this release.

@hardcore_sushi I will think about that. In the meantime, you can use LibreJS:

Or disable JS on Github altogether, it still works without it.

@mray As far as I know, you can sign up using a regular email

@mray Github allows the letter to have a huge reach while allowing users to sign using only free software.

An open letter in support of Richard Stallman, already signed by dozens of developers:

Condolences to the developers of @godotengine , who were forced to remove this piece of satire due to a vocal group of offended mobile game "developers"!

Just released v0.6.10

We now have SponsorBlock integration that skips irrelevant audio.

@TFG It's easy to dismiss these as idiots being stupid, but we need to recognize that these products fulfill genuine needs. Instead of frustration, we need to dedicate effort to making competitive open-source tools that fulfill the same needs and exceed expectations.

@[email protected] Streaming can be done in a sane way, however the advertising/licensing industry forces the streaming services to become spyware machines.

@paulopinto @nuclear Oh Nuclear is superior 😎! I apologize for the whole beta thing I said about them a few weeks ago 😞. From all the pain suffering i went thru. Nuclear is truly the best and the Next Foss alternative to Spotify 100% 😎 🎉. I have tested almost every foss alternative to spotify and not one! could beat Nuclear! (Also I hope Nuclear would read this appreciation/apology toot 😁) #foss :opensource: #nuclear

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