Help needed with reproducing and debugging this issue. If you're a programmer, are you able to help?

We are pleased to announce that Nuclear will be the first free music player to feature integration

@CKsTechnologyNews This will never succeed because it's against the interests of advertisers.

@floppy @Mehrad @dino
We've had an issue for this idea since forever:

I wanted to also expose this functionality via the local REST api that we already use for integrations (just like @floppy suggests)

@gamingonlinux I concur, bug reports from Linux users are usually great quality. They are naturally highly involved in the communities of programs and games they use.

If you aren't using it yet, give Sponsorblock a try. It cuts out sponsor shoutouts and other irrelevant advertisement garbage from Youtube videos, and saves you dozens of hours (as well as improves your mental health).

Nuclear 0.6.17 released:

We've fixed a bug involving downloads, added support for iTunes, and added some quality of life improvements. Check the changelog for details.

We've just refreshed our website. It's available at as always for you to check out.

Technically the editor's source code is available under MIT:

However the builds featured on contain additional "Microsoft customizations", which are only available under Microsoft's standard proprietary license.

To create a fully free software version of the editor, the VS Codium project was created.

@velartrill @lightweight

VSCodium is a separate, independent project whose name alludes to Chromium. VS Code is not based on it, it's the other way around.

@tio @futureisfoss Here's a funny thing, I remember using Musikwave as inspiration at some point when developing Nuclear

@tio @futureisfoss
It's still not 1.0 but it's already very functional and we're getting less bugs with every release.

@Blort Yes, there's autoradio which adds songs to the queue based on the songs that are currently in it. It's on by default.

Nuclear 0.6.16 released:

We've added favorite artists, exporting playlists to JSON, and several new translations.

Check the release notes for details.

If you haven't heard of Gramatik, this is your chance to tune in and calm your soul ❤️

This guy is a musical genius, not kidding.

Nuclear's translations will now be managed on Crowdin:

If you would like to help us translate the projects, please follow this link and start editing.

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