@torproject Too infantile considering the purpose of Tor. It's not a children's toy

@algernon @Tutanota The same thing is holding me back from selfhosting my own newsletter that I send a couple of times a year. If I try to run my own email server, even properly configured with SPF, DKIM, etc, my emails go straight to spam on 99% of addresses on my list. Mailchimp is the only way to go, and they know that.

New to open source? We use a tag to label issues that you can take, with full guidance from project maintainers, so you can get familiar with contributing.


@ericbuijs Not sure how big Nuclear's library is, but it must be in the same ballpark... 🤔 😀

@Sissas You can use Soundcloud, but it won't have as many songs. You can also use your own api key for youtube, in case our shared key gets overloaded. Before the next release we will also update ytdl-core, which is usually up to date with the newest youtube api which changes frequently and this might be causing the problems you're experiencing.

@mray We already have a Matrix room: :matrix.org

I was reluctant about Discord but maybe it'll prove more popular, and it's good to have as a fallback.

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