If you want to support Nuclear, please consider giving it upvotes/reviews here: alternativeto.net/software/nuc

We've just merged a PR by Ivan12273 allowing Nuclear to search for and play iTunes podcasts: github.com/nukeop/nuclear/pull

If you're having problems accessing the local library after the new release, try deleting the index (~/.config/Electron/nuclear-local-db.sqlite or %APPDATA%/Electron/nuclear-local-db.sqlite on Windows) and re-scanning the library.

Nuclear 0.6.14 released:

We've improved playlists and added Mastodon integration, among other upgrades.

We're planning to create a music recommendation engine for Nuclear. We want to start small with a single music genre, then expand to others. In the future, this will be linked to a playlist sharing feature and a browser for internet radios in selected genres.

What genre would be a good starting point?

Please share!

@richard Great! We're looking for bands or solo artists that have their materials in any of our supported sources, or would like to add them.

Let us know if you or any of your friends make music and would like to be featured on Nuclear's website in the screenshots. We're looking for artists that want to appear in our promotional media.

Mastodon integration is live on master branch, let us know about any suggestions about it

Nuclear 0.6.12 released:

This release lowers resource and disk usage during playing music.

Should Nuclear have a Twitter or Mastodon/Activitypub integration first?

Nuclear v0.6.11
We're working on code quality and bugfixes, new features are pushed back until we reach a decent code coverage. A Korean translation was added in this release.

@hardcore_sushi I will think about that. In the meantime, you can use LibreJS: gnu.org/software/librejs/

Or disable JS on Github altogether, it still works without it.

@mray As far as I know, you can sign up using a regular email

@mray Github allows the letter to have a huge reach while allowing users to sign using only free software.

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