@BobIsMyManager Yes, the whole functionality was inspired by Discord's switcher, the palette on Github, the M-x in Emacs, and other similar interfaces

Nuclear now has a command palette, a useful tool for the power users allowing you to control the player using only keyboard.

We will be expanding this functionality in the future to make it even more powerful.

We're looking to create a demo video for Nuclear. What tools do you use to showcase your projects?

@tio We get tens of thousands of views on the website every week, so we could probably squeeze some money out of that - but I hate ads, and why betray the trust of our users?

Just learned about @nuclear. I was checking out their website, and the testimonials section is one of the best I've ever seen.

Most contributions we get are from programmers, and translators - were you ever successful in getting more non-technical contributions such as graphic/branding designs or documentation?

@postroutine I'd like to see how you're using it for everyday programming. Do you have any recording or maybe you do live coding?

@postroutine Give me the best Emacs config for React + Typescript you can come up with, and I will explain why it's objectively inferior to a stock VS Code. I've been using Emacs for years and know very well how to configure it and what plugins there are. It's not worth it.

@postroutine BTW, Emacs is extremely far from "simple". It has been ridiculed for years for being bloated and slow. Even despite the hardware catching up, it's still slow because of no multithreading. And the complexity of the config required to make it useful for anything is enormous. Compare it with Intellij or VS Code that just works out of the box.

@postroutine What you're talking about is hard to understand, because it's abstract. Here's something concrete: youtube.com/watch?v=FIW31ivaxj

After more than half an hour of tinkering with a huge config (most of which was already written beforehand), Emacs is nowhere near what VS Code offers out of the box. And even the best config you can think of sucks in terms of e.g. Intellisense, UX, UI freezing because there is only 1 thread, random packages breaking, etc.

@postroutine Superior as in able to complete the same tasks faster and easier while requiring no time to be spent on configuration, or able to complete tasks impossible for the counterpart.

@redstarfish I have been using it for 5 years, but that was years ago - after that I accepted that the amount of work it requires to make it semi-usable is not worth it and a stock VS Code does more, better.

@postroutine It's not a problem, it's just that there are superior alternatives and it's obsolete.

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