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New to open source? We use a tag to label issues that you can take, with full guidance from project maintainers, so you can get familiar with contributing.

I decided to pull the trigger and create a Discord server. If anyone's
interested, here's an invite link, and feel free to share it with your friends:

We're hosting our support channel on (@matrix), but maybe there's interest in a Discord channel for ? Opinions?

Trying to pick a language for implementing some REST web services for Nuclear, so we can provide some "social" features like sharing playlists or listening history. Node.js and Rust made the shortlist.

The Atom editor is finally fast enough to be viable for daily development without any pain. It used to be so slow that you'd need to wait for it to process the inputs every few seconds, now it's on par with terminal editors.

User plugins are available on master branch.

A short guide how to use them is here:

Plugins have access to the Redux store, can dispatch actions, and can use React to render custom UI. As usual, report any problems or request more features on Github:

Officially finished the move to lerna. All packages have been now migrated to a monorepo structure.

Non-technical contributions to open source projects are as valuable as code. I decided to highlight this and in particular explicitly invite graphic design-related contributions:

Nuclear 0.5.0 released:

If you do encounter any bugs, please inform me here or on Github before I send an email to our 2500 subscribers and embarrass myself with a broken build

Integrating the internationalization framework was a stunning success. Many contributors offered their help with translating, and thanks to them, we already support 5 languages, and there are more coming.

A framework for translations has been integrated, and now we're looking for contributors willing to translate Nuclear into languages they know:

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