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An open letter in support of Richard Stallman, already signed by dozens of developers:

Condolences to the developers of @godotengine , who were forced to remove this piece of satire due to a vocal group of offended mobile game "developers"!

Just released v0.6.10

We now have SponsorBlock integration that skips irrelevant audio.

@paulopinto @nuclear Oh Nuclear is superior 😎! I apologize for the whole beta thing I said about them a few weeks ago 😞. From all the pain suffering i went thru. Nuclear is truly the best and the Next Foss alternative to Spotify 100% 😎 🎉. I have tested almost every foss alternative to spotify and not one! could beat Nuclear! (Also I hope Nuclear would read this appreciation/apology toot 😁) #foss :opensource: #nuclear

Spotify will record what you say to "predict your emotional state". Why does anyone use Spotify again?

For , take control of your music listening and migrate away from spying streaming services like Spotify and iTunes (use Nuclear instead -

New release:

Added support for Bandcamp, added a search history dropdown, and updated yt libraries

@[email protected] Please add me to Design, Engineering, FLOSS, Free Software, Javascript, Linux, Metal, Music, Musicians.

Visualizer for Nuclear is almost complete, it will include dozens of Winamp-style plugins!

New to open source? We use a tag to label issues that you can take, with full guidance from project maintainers, so you can get familiar with contributing.

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