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Most contributions we get are from programmers, and translators - were you ever successful in getting more non-technical contributions such as graphic/branding designs or documentation?

Another HN thread about Emacs. I don't think I've ever seen anyone using Emacs as a daily driver editor in the past 5 years...

The Spotify FOSS Fund: 100K EUR for 2022

Love the picture because that represents a small drop ... the small drop that actually lands to the maintainer. Absolute pointless. You need 100M not 100K.

Freedom starts with , but what else would you require from a program if there was a software counterpart to 's "Respects Your Freedom" hardware certification? No tracking? No dark patterns? No telemetry?

You can now import Spotify playlists directly in Nuclear:

This release lets you do so from the Playlists view. There is a button at the top that opens a dialog where you can paste a Spotify playlist URL. It usually only takes a couple of seconds to import a playlist.

We're going over some of the most popular music streaming services and breaking them down for privacy. Is it crappy? Is it decent? Or is it some of the best? Watch our new video on it.

Were you affected by the 's recent decision to block some paying users? This is a good opportunity to switch to Nuclear:

The more I read about the Meta X Firefox "privacy preserving" data collection, the less it makes sense because I'm not seeing where the privacy preserving begins.

Mozilla and Facebook are jointly developing a new tracking technology and they're joking it's going to preserve your privacy. Don't forget to condemn them for it. We don't want ANY ads, period. Yes, we know it's going to mean that FB/GOOG have no revenue.

This is proposed under " Private Advertising Technology Community Group", the advertising-focused group of W3C. They're vandalizing the greatest repository of knowledge in history, don't let them get away with it.

Did you know that Spotify records and analyzes your voice and speech patterns to target their ads more accurately? Don't you ever wonder if they really need that to let you listen to music?

Do you know any blogs or websites that review music? We're looking for a source of music news to show on the dashboard - refer them to us if you think they'd like to partner up.

Help needed with reproducing and debugging this issue. If you're a programmer, are you able to help?

We are pleased to announce that Nuclear will be the first free music player to feature integration

If you aren't using it yet, give Sponsorblock a try. It cuts out sponsor shoutouts and other irrelevant advertisement garbage from Youtube videos, and saves you dozens of hours (as well as improves your mental health).

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