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The more you try to keep it safe and protected, it gets more and more destructed... especially the Apple iPhone.

I guess so much of workload has made my brain dumb.
I just realised that I don’t remember how to draw a simple ‘star’ symbol, the one you draw without lifting the pen, in one go.
Now I know how evolution is taking place...

A dentist is someone who makes a living out of others tooth problems. My question is, then why should we use the toothpaste recommended by 9/10 dentists?

The year is 2018. Hear a familiar sound while walking outside.

An ATM is showing a Windows XP shutdown screen.


Watching these peeps playing Table tennis on TV, I’m reminded of the shafts moving up and down in ‘Titanic’.

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Everyone who showed in for the vacation are now leavin’, like the rains that come and go in a jiffy. And I’m back to the same old routines, like the tired sun.

Hi, I'm just another twitter refugee trying out Mastodon.

Looking forward to meet you all!

I love it here, already.


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