If it is that Pak govt does not support terrorism, how come Mahzood Ahzar was not killed in India’s strike back?

The more you try to keep it safe and protected, it gets more and more destructed... especially the Apple iPhone.

I guess so much of workload has made my brain dumb.
I just realised that I don’t remember how to draw a simple ‘star’ symbol, the one you draw without lifting the pen, in one go.
Now I know how evolution is taking place...

@JRepin I heard there was no electricity during Buddha’s age. Lol

@thiagocreates Exceptions always exist... even in the complex Chemistry theory I just learned.

A dentist is someone who makes a living out of others tooth problems. My question is, then why should we use the toothpaste recommended by 9/10 dentists?

@officialcjunior also there’s a confusion whether the place is mastodon or mastodonia :blob_grinning_sweat:

The year is 2018. Hear a familiar sound while walking outside.

An ATM is showing a Windows XP shutdown screen.


Watching these peeps playing Table tennis on TV, I’m reminded of the shafts moving up and down in ‘Titanic’.


It’s a beautiful feeling when you have to sacrifice fried food for a few days just because your sister is down with fever. :blob_cry:

Everyone who showed in for the vacation are now leavin’, like the rains that come and go in a jiffy. And I’m back to the same old routines, like the tired sun.

Hi, I'm just another twitter refugee trying out Mastodon.

Looking forward to meet you all!

I love it here, already.


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