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Akhil Gogoi, one of the original leaders of the mass movement in Assam dropped hints and warnings from NIA custody. "There are two possible directions at the moment: either it can flourish into a genuine people’s movement or it can turn into a state-sponsored movement. I have only one request to the people: please do not be part of the state-sponsored movement.”
#AssamProtests #IndiaRejectsCAB

11 days of Information Blackout.
Shame shame

Fairy Tail .. kinda interesting kinda boring

Love is just some hormones messing with the mind.

Tomorrow I'll turn 28 😫 I don't wanna grow up

Wait what? Why did I watch Avenger Infinity War in my dream? And turned out it was not a happy ending because I screwed up the timeline and moved to past and lived my life there

My first work of the day was to.
1. Move all the scans from yday's to a backup folder and a remote folder.
2. Create new sets of folders for different categories of docs(current date on it).
3. Calculate total scans of docs with categorized and send an excel sheet to my supervisor.
4. Remove all the temp files that scan utility dumps.
5. And finally login to a ftp server and upload all the docs.
So.. I wrote a batch script to do all that. And sat there and watch some anime

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When I was at college, I used to worked as an doc scanning guy as a part timer.

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