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Watching WW2 documentaries, and thinking…

You love acting. You’ve been acting since high school. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. And then a casting director sees you and says, “you know, you look just like this guy we’re portraying. Can you do a German accent?”

Well, crap.

OK, one more review for today - "How We Know We're Alive" is a 30-60 minute free narrative game with point-and-click exploration and keyboard movement. It's a melancholy story about a woman returning to her hometown to pay her respects to a friend.

The game is sad & beautiful, and I recommend it if and when you are in the mood for that kind of thing. Short, spoiler-free review:

(We're in a golden age for lovely indie games, and this is no exception.)

Read When disability tech is just a marketing exercise by Rose Eveleth
Companies love to get press for disability tech projects, but they often aren’t all that interested in actually putting real money behind them.

Accessibility in gaming, resources

A massive compilation of resources, documents, tools, and more addressing accessibility in tabletop gaming, streaming, and life.

#TTRPG #Accessibility #Gaming

We're pushing out v0.13.1 of #FreeTube today to fix some of the issues that occurred with v0.13.0. Namely we've fixed the issues with Trending and age restricted videos not working. Check out the full patch notes in the link below!

#privacy #opensource

Amazon’s Sidewalk protocol is an enormous security risk. If there’s a flaw in Sidewalk or a device running it, an attacker who guesses my neighbor’s crappy WiFi password can pivot to *my* network even though I otherwise have good security. They could jump from house to house and pwn an entire block.

Sidewalk is insane and I’ve disabled it on my Alexa gear. If it turns itself back on (as some have reported), I’ll throw the Alexas away rather than risk it.

Watching the news this AM and some guy is interviewing younger people on the streets asking if they know the significance of Memorial Day. One college aged guy says he never hated the US until he took a women’s and gender studies class and finishes it up by saying Fuck America. 😬

I probably didn't make a friend today. And that's okay! I'm not here to make friends.

If you want to see someone's posts but you don't want to see their boosts, there is an option for this on Mastodon.

Go to the person's profile, click on the "..." button and select "Hide boosts from" (Do this again if you want to see their boosts)

Their posts will remain visible to you, but their boosts will be hidden.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Boosts

Yahtzee reviews Oddworld Soulstorm: don't buy it. This is correct for all of the reasons above. Also because the game is completely broken for blind players (as opposed to previous games in the series). OWI were told about this repeatedly and have so far done nothing about it.

I just submitted an anti-stalking feature idea to Hometown and Glitch-soc forks of Mastodon, viz.

cc @weirdwriter

The idea came up in this recent discussion

Your comments and help in implementation should the feature be considered worthy might be useful. Sadly I'm not practically capable of offering a patch at this moment of my life, so the above is purely a feature request/suggestion on my part. But if they accept the feature, help of capable fellow fedizens would probably be useful.

the idea of "pouring one out" for a friend that has died is honestly really meaningful? a ritual sacrifice of alcohol is something humans have done forever. I'd be honored if someone poured out a 40 oz when I died

having a landline number (VoIP in my case) in addition to a cellphone is turning out to be surprisingly impractical.

most people and most computer systems no longer expect phone numbers to be landline numbers, nor does anyone expect your landline number to be the primary one to be contacted at for voice calls.

some website will ask you for your phone number, and you can already guess that they're going to send you texts, so you can't take them literally.

see, i don't accept calls to my smartphone. that's the number i give to people i don't actually want calls from.

if it weren't for the fact that most mobile broadband subscriptions don't offer texting, i'd gladly just get one of those and make all calls via VoIP.

Unpopular opinion: Friends is so sexist, fat shamy, homophobic and queer unfriendly, sooo white and unrepresentative that it's absolute trash in 2021. It deserves 0 bhao today. I heard they got paid 2.5M$ each for the epsiode. IN. THIS. PANDEMIC.

You enter a narrow, blueish hall. There is a CLAY POT by the window. You see a PURSE here, on the floor. There is a PIRATE here, washing a bowl and summoning Cthulhu.


Here's what you can expect from Debian Bullseye (the next stable version) to be released over the summer of 2021: #linux #debian

@TheGibson Someone I know just started getting spam texts from their own number- I get that it's spoofing, but the nature of the spam is weird. Two texts now, both "VM:" followed by what look like very similar but not identical hashes. No link. Any idea what the angle is there?

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