If you wonder where the CodiMD community channel went, here is a short text explaining it:


TL;DR: Matrix.org is rebuilding their infrastructure from scratch after a security incident.

#CodiMD #matrixDown #Matrix #Riot

Thinking of actually finishing off the FLOSS infrastructure project tonight. Migrate a lot of things to K8s with Prometheus, Consul, and Vault. Dunno.

octo.sh is going down for 5 mins. Shan't be long

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#Patreon is putting up their prices, creators will get less of their fans' donations.

There's a free open source alternative, #LiberaPay, which is non-profit:


LiberaPay is itself funded by donations.

You can follow them on the Fediverse:


(alternative at request of reader @mjog 👍 )

#Alternatives #Donations #Payment

My day can be summarised in one application:

Chef Client v14

Been laying the groundwork for getting the Google Pixel supported on postmarketOS.

First merge request has gone in:

It is now possible to import your projects from GitLab.com to octo.sh.
I'm also looking into what options I have for running the service under K8s, and also adding GitLab Pages support

Hey, so octo.sh is in need of more powerful GitLab Runners. Some projects require long periods of compile time. Ideally I'd like to have two or more GitLab Runners with 4 cores and 8GB, each running Docker in Docker.
If I was to put up a Liberapay or Patreon, would anyone be interested in helping to finance this?

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Weldr / Lorax / pyKickstart
A great set of tools for building RHEL images from scratch 😃


octo.sh now has SSHFP records and DNSSEC. There's also native IPv6, but if you have issues with it then let me know :)

octo.sh is back online

The host SSH key has changed and you will need to update it. I'll enable SSHFP now.

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