Writing RHEL Kickstarts whilst listening to Kickstarts by Example. Hah

So far, everything I've thrown at this card seems to work just fine. Microstuttering is gone under X11 and Wayland. Wayland solves all my screen tearing problems too, thanks to vsync by default. For once I actually feel happy with this machine

The Nvidia suffering is over. This AMD card rocks on Wayland

The latest #Kurzgesagt video about loneliness is well worth watching. (The whole channel is a goldmine.)


Turns out that near future was today. Ordered an RX 580

That being said, I will probably pick up an AMD GPU in the near future. I can't be dealing with the instability of NVIDIA anymore. It's either microstuttering or screen tearing when under X11. Wayland solves all of that.

Finally made the move from i3wm to sway, and I'm loving it. So much so, it convinced me to go back to using the integrated graphics on my processor. Wayland has come such a long way.

By the way, if you wonder what data your Firefox shares, just use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I to open the browser toolbox which is the same toolbox as you know for website debugging, with the difference that it's global for your entire browser.

The network tab will tell provide you all requests that were made including their content.

#Firefox #privacy #teaching #tools

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What are people's favourite XMPP clients? Any OS

I have to prioritise that DragonBoard 410c first

Only downside I see is 4 lanes of PCIe Gen2. Hm.

Thinking about getting an ARM based server for the home..

It concerns me that MIA is the national rail transport code for Manchester Airport

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