My GitLab server managed to survive the worst burnout I've had in years. For that, I have to put it down to Wasabi S3 and Ansible. Why was I manually provisioning everything before... Ergh. Never again. Automation is lovely when done well.

This year, I'd like to follow in @sheogorath's footsteps and publish my infrastructure as open source code. Thanks for the inspiration to do that!

The thing that has put my mind at rest was when everything got automated. Backups, package upgrades; bucket clearance policy; certificate renewal; etc.
GitLab is a great utility. Hands down beats GitHub IMO, and is rather flexible.

I'm hoping that I can integrate Terraform into the mix soon, too. That, and automatic scaling of runners

I recommend to keep the secrets part secret of course ;)

But it's quite easy by running two branches. All details about that are mentioned in my blog article:

@sheogorath yep, it's a great read! I went through it a few months ago

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