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Seems like there isn't much choice here. If I turn on the full composition pipeline, the screen tearing goes away but at the cost of introducing microstutters

Tusky has made great progress since I last used it. Feels really solid

So far, KDE is the DM where I've had the least screen tearing. I'd give these apps a go under Wayland, but NVIDIA.. 🤷‍♂️

I'm not specifically looking at them as a security focused device. I'm more interested in a piece of hardware that doesn't feel cheap and plastic-y, and runs Linux rather well. Even ARM64 based systems would do fine, if not better

Anyone here got a 13? I'm interested to know more about them.

How's the build quality? Is the CPU any good for long periods of compilation? How does Fedora 29 run on the thing? Wayland any good for it?

Oh and integrated graphics please. No GPU. Ty

I don't think my ideal laptop really exists.

- Excellent battery life
- Ryzen Mobile or ARM 64
- 32GB memory
- Top notch Linux compatibility
- Solid keyboard
- Unibody aluminium case
- 13 inches
- Thin bezel screen

Why do all Razer products look like they were designed by a 13 year old with a neon obsession

I'm hoping that I can integrate Terraform into the mix soon, too. That, and automatic scaling of runners

The thing that has put my mind at rest was when everything got automated. Backups, package upgrades; bucket clearance policy; certificate renewal; etc.
GitLab is a great utility. Hands down beats GitHub IMO, and is rather flexible.

I missed FOSSDEM. A co worker went to it. I'm jealous.

This year, I'd like to follow in @sheogorath's footsteps and publish my infrastructure as open source code. Thanks for the inspiration to do that!

My GitLab server managed to survive the worst burnout I've had in years. For that, I have to put it down to Wasabi S3 and Ansible. Why was I manually provisioning everything before... Ergh. Never again. Automation is lovely when done well.

Burnout sure does suck. But I'm doing much better. Not 100%, but taking things slowly


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