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RIP John McClane. I'll never forget what you did for those Nakatomi Tower hostages. Our loss is Heaven's gain

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After a few days I can say that Mastodon is:
* super communist
* super lgbtq+ inclusive/representative
* sex worker friendly
* disability inclusive
* creates weird new memes every 10 minutes that people get all ride or die for
* the best for these reasons and more

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Oh cool, Phil Collins is touring. That's nice.


“It is not clear whether the Coalition will still command the majority in the House of Representatives with a new leader. “ - everything is FINE

Lol. auspol got autocorrected to suspicious and I ain’t even made


Just call the fucking election. Do at least one thing right.

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Who's the coolest cat on Mastadon? 

You are! Yes, you!

... I realized this is kind of a frivilous use of a CW, but the idea was too good... :dunno:

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He played the chords
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Despacito

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projektred / cyberpunk 

“Sorry if you were offended”?

Fuck that.

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