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because the people challenging you don't actually want to learn, they just want to feel superior and prove their point.

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@nawi @one yeah, but a debate rarely stays fair on the internet
@absturztaube @one The art of debating, tell your point without insulting.

@nawi @absturztaube It's not about insulting. It's about just wanting to destroy people.

I love debating because I love challenging myself and exploring new possibilities, but it seems like people only want to debate to feel superior to others, not to learn and change their world views.

@one @nawi if you want a healthy debate on the internet, you have to use a platform, which has rules for that. for example, the comment section of an online magazine here in switzerland does excatly that. and the discurs in those comments is really good

@absturztaube @nawi "Here in Switzerland". I didn't know you were Swiss. I thought you were German.

I fucking love Switzerland. I want to move so bad ;_;

@one We have a cook, lets have a Linux / BSD security camp ... @absturztaube
@one @nawi > adopt/marry me?
maybe, but then you first have to stop delete and redrafting :blobcatwink:

> ... feel superior to others, not to learn and change their world views.

Could be. IIRC our last debate was not like that. You have your point of view, I have mine, we could accept each other and booth live with it so, its fine.

@absturztaube Sadly yes.

@nawi @absturztaube Yeah, you're a cool guy. I like talking to you.

Sadly you're the exception more than the rule.

@nawi @one eeyup. this art certainly got lost with the rise of FB and T
Solid advice

Also these people most likely have you blocked depending on your choice of instance. We are all better off ignoring them tbh
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