I love instance level blocks. I would'nt be on the fedi otherwhise. I just do not want to see NSFW crap all over my timelines

@dielan @Feuerfuchs @sjw @sadcatstarry @igeljaeger

@selea @[email protected] @dielan @Feuerfuchs @sjw @sadcatstarry @igeljaeger you can do instance level blocks on a user basis. Dictatorial admins that block other instances for all their users should be ashamed


I am pretty sure that the admin over your instance blocks other instances too.
Start your own instance then?

@selea Yes, but not on ideological grounds.

> Start your own instance then?
Ah yes, the age-old argument.

It is unacceptable and completely unexcusable that some admins block other instances on ideological grounds. And even worse is suggesting that I should just roll my own and not complain.

At this rate, Twitter is going to be more open than this shitfest of trigger-happy Mastodon admins.

I will keep complaining about stupid admins enforcing stupid rules that fragment the fediverse thanks.

@selea gist.github.com/Angristan/2f2f

I think it is completely reasonable to block newjack.city if it really is just an instance for followbots, unlike most SJW shitty Mastodon instances on which admins block literally everything that doesn't perfectly align to their ideology.


I do not block instances all over.
Like I said, I only block instances with illegal (lolis) content and alot of unmarked NSFW, or literal porn instances.

I want to be able to browse Mastodon in the public


@selea Also not using a polarised privacy screen protector. Lol.

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