Times I have been insulted or harassed by a Gab user: ZERO.

Times I have been insulted or harassed by someone, often LGBT, who, in their holy mission to make the world a better place, tend to make everyone except those who perfectly align to their ideals their enemies: way too many to count.

Also: the second paragraph is exactly what I mean when I say SJW.

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@one I got shit on all the time by future Gab users back in my Twitter days and on Reddit but that's also because I like to respond to their nonsense with shitposts and that totally drives them up a wall.

@USBloveDog fair, thatโ€™s fair. I donโ€™t really try to confront Gab fuckheads anyway. Because they are absolute fuckheads. So maybe Iโ€™m slightly biased lmao, I just ignore Gabbers.

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