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Looking for a simple newsgroup reader for Android. #usenet

@solarpunkgnome would you join a [1] I'm running and share some of your findings on ?

It would be great to have a group for that.


, vs in parliament.

He said: "A woman who has lived here for almost 60 years, and the Prime Minister wants her to register to stay here.
Tove has children. She has grandchildren. She has married in Scotland. She has friends here. She has built her life here. Why is the Prime Minister making Tove register after almost 60 years?"

@sheogorath need to be careful. I know 's sale means we have to move elsewhere, and 's source code is open, but, 's code is not a piece of cake to host because it's hungry, and their server is not owned by the community.

I was ready to throw me at their arms when I realised that history can repeat itself with them.

If you see this the same way, then we ought to endorse & promote a community-run service.

PS: is a lot easier to self host in view.
PS2: Typo correction

Former minister & Tory MP George Eustice said about negotiations with the EU:

"We will literally be over the barrel of a gun"

No we won't, what an eejit.

Of course, Britain has experience of putting putting people over the barrel of a gun/cannon.

During the British Raj "mutineers" involved in the Indian "Rebellion" of 1857 were executed by tying them to cannons and then firing them.

Check out the newborn @orbifx 's snews:// NNTPS server. We've grown a pretty nice community already, posting interesting articles and having good debate

The David Suzuki Foundation in found that β€œif a million worked from home just one weekday a year, Canada could save some 250 million kg of ; 100 million litres of ; and 800 million fewer kilometres of mileage on our roads.” And that’s just in Canada!


Thank you for your work, that I and others have greatly benefited from.

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