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Please the keywords in your . It's the only way to for content on and better than following dozens of streams for the one or two posts of interest.

Andy Serkis posted a video of himself doing the Gollum voice while dressed up as Theresa May.

A medium dark roast certainly worked well.

However, I have a conundrum. If I roasted a bean variety and the results were terrible, I would obviously be motivated to try something different.

If the roasting works out fine, my experimenting usually ends. That means I might be missing an even better flavour by roasting more or less.

What would be useful is a coffee roasting wiki, with tasting notes. Tried searching for such a thing, but I didn't discover anything

Are there any academics here publishing on the intersection of paganism and computers/internet/digital practice? A friend has a tentative CFP for a journal but it's not final (otherwise I'd just post it here). If there are any academics interested here on the fediverse or you know anyone, ping me!

tonight! Building a world for my friend and I to travel in :)

'Corrupt' Vote Leave campaign undermines Brexit vote, court told.

British expats living in launch legal bid to set aside referendum result.

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After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 a group of citizen scientists called Safecast decided to create open source / hardware Geiger counters with GPS. They used them to create an independent map of radiation in Japan.

Soon after, the Iraqi hackers from Fikra Space proceeded to do the same in Baghdad to raise awareness about the depleted uranium used in the ammo from the last war.


"Brace yourself, . is about to teach you what a crisis actually is"

"Seven decades of prosperity have lulled the into thinking we’re special – that disasters only happen to other people"

by David Bennun

#CitizensInititives / #GovernmentPetitions force governments to respond to political issues. recommends using CIs instead of commercial petition sites such as

You can find a list of CIs here:

In some countries, gathering enough signatures on a CI automatically triggers a debate in parliament, which can potentially lead to changes in law. For example, same-sex marriage in Finland was legalised through a CI.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Petitions

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