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Orbifx ~ Jedi Humanist @orbifx@mstdn.io

"With the rise of self-driving vehicles, eventually there will be a country song about a truck leaving a guy, too."

Modern warrior: Damien Mander

A trip to left him face-to-face with the horrors that the world's is dealing with.

He founded the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. The organisation focuses on ranger training, operations and integrating modern technology into .

Today, the Australian is a soldier-turned-environmental . He is outspoken about and the of our priorities in an uncertain world.


Stormtroopers would never qualify for the Olympic shooting events

Lots of small fixes in ; seems close to version 0.4.

Static website generation is now usable.

Some basic information here:

I've uploaded a binary package for 64bit, but will follow soon with images. Anyone can build from source.

I can't help but feel very suspiscious when someone brings up blockchains in a conversation about decentralization. I just don't really buy into it at all. Social applications on top of Ethereum? Yeah, love to ruin the planet with proof of work algorithms just to post a cat gif.

Should you exercise your freedom to run whatever software you like on your pocket computer?

Absolutely not, says this article. All the cool bits are proprietary now, baby, and you will like them.


This is the state of the free software revolution.