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Twitter doesn't want me to post gif screenshots so here's my #gamestruck4

Chaos: Battle of the wizards is an amazing strategy game that plays well to this day.

The original prince of Persia is also well worth a few hours of your time, or in my case, years.

Frontier Elite II was a game I played solidly for about 5 years. I play ED now

The original dune game on Amiga has some of the mist atmospheric music I've ever heard. Its also one of the most amazing gaming experiences I've had growing up.

Eight million Brits no longer eat #meat as youngsters drive surge towards #vegetarian and #vegan diets [UK The Sun] - https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6048909/meat-free-diets-vegetarian-vegan/ #UK !vegan

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Anyone here ever been involved in this? How did that go? reconomy.org/

"If this happened in Kenya or Nigeria, a new vote would be demanded by international observers. If this happened in a local constituency, a by-election would be called. " theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/a
#brexit #corruption

Measuring and Disrupting Anti-Adblockers Using Differential Execution Analysis - Zhu buff.ly/2FBj7tZ

We want to develop a comprehensive understanding of anti-adblockers, with the ultimate aim of enabling adblockers to bypass state-of-the-art anti-adblockers

Gmail enters the "extend" phase of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish by creating new proprietary features for email then forcing non-gmail users the view the mail through a link with Google Login (and sometimes SMS confirmation!)


When you kindly request that the co-working space follow German law regarding opt in email advertising and the person says 'we have a no bullshit policy and if you keep acting so entitled about your rights then I have the right to not let you in'

Factory Berlin is a good example of all that's wrong with tech today. Silicon Valley's permissionless innovation imported in to the German startup scene...

Have you heard of repair cafes, local meeting places where people come together to fix stuff that would otherwise end up as #waste? According to repaircafe.org/ there are more than 1,500 repair cafes world-wide -- a growing, noncommercial global movement.

This article in The Guardian from last month gives a good introduction: "Can we fix it? The repair cafes waging war on throwaway culture"