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"What do you mean be 'hard coded' in the program?"


"'Tenants on our own land': bans sale of to foreign buyers. Law aims to boost affordability after property prices rise more 75% in some parts of the country in four years."

Wonder if this would ever happen in the .


Could we get some more signatures on this petition, please? It's against turning a threatened sand-dune landscape on Scotland's north coast into yet another golf course for the rich.


"The number of mountain hares in the eastern Highlands has dropped by more than 99 per cent since 1954"


captured spectacular footage of an unusual occurrence while tackling a pallet blaze at the Ravensbourn plastics factory in Woodville, near Swadlincote. โ€“ also known as fire whirls โ€“ happen when cool air combines with hot air above to create a swirling effect.