On the Independence Referendum day (September 18, 2014) there wasn't any organising left to do. So, I spent the whole day (7am-10pm) standing outside a Polling Place, talking to voters.

I had a few boards next to me with Yes posters, including the one pictured. I still think this is one of the best ever campaign posters. A babies hand resting on an adult hand, with the slogan: "Scotland's future in Scotland's hands" & "Vote Yes". It still brings a tear to my eye.

" people are being denied access to because are routinely excluding prospective tenants who are deemed too poor or vulnerable to pay the rent, a study has revealed."

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β€œIt’s at times like this that your democracy can be stolen from under your nose... Fuck Trump.”

Lively interview with the BBC’s old economics editor. #StopTheCoup

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