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The main are now relayed to (s) for those who prefer to . ๐ŸŽ‰

Main lists are: &

and addresses will not be allowed, sorry. Consider getting an address with a less snoopy provider.

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#logarion sounds like a pretty cool #bliki, and written in #ocaml /by @orbifx

It hasn't seen any updates for months, has it been perfected?

Who was looking for a note-taking app with plaintext storage the other week? This could be it.โ€ฆ


Remember how the hired Sean Topham and Ben Guerin to run on ? [1]:

> The Campaign Headquarters press office [] account was renamed โ€œโ€ during Tuesday eveningโ€™s broadcast, offering commentary on leader Jeremy โ€™s statements and retweeting messages supporting .



The killed the !

They were growing against a useless boundary wall from a defunct factory. Some weren't even affecting the wall but were cut pre-emptively to save human cost and human time.

People show up greedily overloading their cars; taking something that was stolen.

All I see now in the is their absence.

The area's administrator's never consulted with us the residents. Didn't ask the tree either.

Every year they take away more trees. Don't let them.

> 40 percent of products are garbage after less than a month, and that the current systems in cannot cope

> 99 percent of all are made from resources

> "Recycling is not the best we can do. The best we can do is reuse, although recycling is part of the solution"

> , the , and are among the major global exporters

> The possible effects of on the human body are still largely unresearched.

> Last month, -owned removed an app for organising developed by a group of separatists called Democratic Tsunami - following a court takedown request sent by 's police.

Warm welcome to everyone joining from ! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ ๐Ÿ™

As you are abandoning , why not abandon , and other corporate instant messengers and get ? is an excellent provider.

Find more here:

> The currently uses roughly the same quantity of wild-caught fish to feed its salmon as is purchased by the entire adult population of the in one year

> โ€œSalmon suffer when confined in vast numbers, with nothing to do but swim listlessly in circles. And yet, tens of billions of small die in inhumane ways on huge industrial fishing vessels, in order to fuel the salmon kept in these underwater .โ€

sayings (what they replace)

Feed two birds with one scone. (kill two birds with one stone)

Take the flower by the thorns. (Bull by the horns)

Bring home the bagels. (Bring home the bacon)

Feed a fed horse. (Beat a dead horse)

Put all your berries in one bowl. (Eggs in one basket)

Hold the phone. (Hold your horses)

Be the test tube. (Be the guinea pig)

Spill the beans. (Let the cat out of the bag)

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