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Hey game developers, do you want to make your games available on my weird, retro themed console?

It's ARM based, like the raspberry pi, and running debian under the hood.

I can help port it and test it and stuff! We can work together to come up with a selling price that's fair.

All kinds of games welcome (the primary input interface for this system is a controller, but we can offer a thumb keyboard add-on and/or configure joy-to-key/mouse on the cartridge)

@orbifx okay,

For a few years I built and sold raspberry pi based game consoles, with original games by me and other local punks. They also did general emulation, and I showed folks how to load roms on them.

I was barely breaking even making them, though, because I couldn't find parts consistently. I kept having to change cases or controllers.

Fast forward two years: I found a new SoC, and it is way cheaper and a little more powerful. I ordered a demo unit to verify it'll do [...]

@orbifx what I need to to do, and to get my proof of concept built.

It's based around an allwinner h3 chip, with 512mb ram. I'm going to pick it up right now.

Assuming I can get it to run all of the same games we were running on the raspi, I'll spend the next week tweaking and configuring, testing games for other devs, writing our dev docs, and getting our cartridge launcher working.

If that goes well, and it should, I'll be doing some public demos around me and getting [...]

@orbifx promotional materials together.

Right now we have ~8 new devs, and around 30 games.

Some of the games my punks wrote will be bundled titles. The rest of the games available will be available as cartridges (specially formatted USB drives in pretty boxes) for a profit split with the dev.

The goal is to get the things in to small businesses around DC, and ATL, and also to do an online promotional push for preorders as Christmas gifts.

@orbifx I have a little over a week of wiggle room built in to the front end of the schedule, to deal with software/hardware/case hiccups, and I have a few weeks of wiggle built in to the back end of the schedule to deal with manufacturing hiccups.

But it's still going to be tight/a small stretch for me to pull off in the kind of numbers I want to do on the deadline.

OTOH, if we miss the holidays this year, it just gives us more time to promote for the holidays next year.

@orbifx My goal is to make this a project with long term support (technically and in the form of new releases) even if I only ever get a few hundred people using the thing.

@orbifx not right now.

I'm on day three of this version of this project. I just got my development board in the mail so I can make sure everything will work.

Once I have pictures to show, I'll get a website together.

@orbifx I might have some pictures of the console we did a few years ago, but they're pretty boring. It was just a generic project box around a raspberry of.

Previously I was selling them through the brick and mortar store I owned, and it's website.

I closed that ~2 years ago when we moved to DC, but I bet I left the pages published, I'll look.

@orbifx or do you want, like, screenshots? I probably have some of those, too.

Orbifx ~ Ecological Jedi @orbifx

@ajroach42 screenshots would do. I've been teased by the idea of writing a game in . Would like it to run a simple hardware.

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@orbifx When I get off work tonight, I can shoot some pictures of the old units and some screenshots of the proof of concept unit your way.