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@TheAspiringHacker mli files are generated anyway. If you wish to not expose values definitions (hide implementation), I believe you have to write one manually.

So practicality and requirements drive what you have to do with your mli files. If you find your self writing large mli files, and getting bored of it, maybe reconsider your overall design and find ways to reduce it?

I don't write mli files until the design becomes more concrete.

@TheAspiringHacker you don't have to define the types in mli files, only declare them. If you are exposing the types, then don't write your mli files. Let the compiler do it.

Fun facts about .

* hens can count up to 6, from left to right
* chickens like to watch TV and can learn from other birds on the screen
* chickens use 30 distinct calls that they start learning from inside the egg
* they can recognise up to 100 faces even after months of separation
* understand the concept of delayed gratification, a sign of self-awareness

@MightyPork indeed. Plus , state and people, are generally not very fond of him.

"Police are continuing to search for a paragliding protester who broke through the no-fly zone surrounding Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf resort on Friday evening, to fly past the US president as he entered the hotel."

"Despite efforts to keep protesters away from the presidential party, the paraglider flew past police snipers and in front of the hotel, apparently in view of the president, trailing a banner reading ': well below par '."

@latersauctro binaries for deployment. This trend of installing gigs of tools and dev libraries is not on. @Git only for modifications, for dev dependencies (not production unless it's a library), and binaries for production.
Readme's for bootstrapping devs. Best if they know what they are getting.

@latersauctro what is your repository about? And what is about your situation that makes it hard to choose?

@TheAspiringHacker there are aspects of a language that are common amongst programming languages. Someone with knowledge of a few languages can probably tell something about the next one by skimming over it. The readability of the syntax for example, memory management, dominant programming paradigms, etc.

@latersauctro I'm more concerned about noise in the history from independent parts of code now living in the same repository only because they are related in the ecosystem. The have been a mono repo which can also be installed by 's package manager () but it pulls the dependencies for all modules, servers and front-ends.

@latersauctro yes. One of them will be a library and servers and front-ends will depend on it.

@TheAspiringHacker he should ask how many gave up in frustration, or how many have worked with other languages and C++ repels them 😅

@ckeen I think the URL is incomplete, at least on the web client. I see up to the port (70) and then there is just ellipsis (...)

"This photo shows the most dangerous species on the planet - the predator most likely to kill you. It is directly responsible for killing millions upon millions of animals every year, and is undoubtedly the greatest threat to our world's oceans."

"You may also notice the shark, swimming peacefully by its side."

Well said Fauna & Flora International.

“Nice people made the best Nazis. My mom grew up next to them. They got along, refused to make waves, looked the other way when things got ugly and focused on happier things than “politics.” They were lovely people who turned their heads as their neighbors were dragged away. You know who weren’t nice people? Resisters.” - Naomi Shulman