‘We are on life support’: Doctor makes desperate plea from Yemeni city of Hodeidah as humanitarian crisis worsens

An additional five million people across Yemen will starve if fighting along the Red Sea coast continues to push up food prices

I'll leave it as an exercise as which 3 countries perpetuate this nightmare. Hint: other than the saudis, the other two are the usual suspects :-(


@wion just move along. It probably didn't matter that much anyway. :)

not unless I wanted to change core functionality, port it or something else. Those languages are imperative too. Anyway, it's a superficial reason really. Both are great.

favouring functional programming and Emacs is in Lisp which I would be happier to hack. Vim on the other hand is written in C, which I although I know well enough, it's not as elegant.

In a weird way yes. Since I started favouring functional programming, I switched to using Emacs more, preferring to use something I'd be happier to hack. But I used to use Vim exclusively and still do for quick editing. Also I believe most OCaml folk used Emacs.

Usagi is right about email. Also is already federated and it doesn't need a web browser or electron and all that bloat.


@jeff @lain @mrhmouse @fribbledom

@Mafdet use some cardboard that is cut using a printed paper?

@fitheach regarding not having Netflix, why not visit a who does and watch it together? That used to be a thing when people had to pay more to rent a but it seems to have disappeared. Everyone watches the box alone.

; there I made it a hashtag :P

We substitute our moment-by-moment awareness for the search.

But the object of the search is the moment-by-moment awareness.

It is the thing that we already possess.

@ckeen @fitheach @tomo this level of availability is only required for heavy, and from my experience, noisy chatter. Exchanging deep, meaningful and categorised information (not in hierarchical terms), that is query based might require less availability.

Finally, I estimate that a certain level of hubs make a network more efficient, but we should aim to keep that number high.

(Making some progress with in this direction, with text propagation using )

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