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Today I learned that there are a number of Linux-based laptop shops in Europe.

Thank you, linuxpreloaded.com

Keep an eye on:

• StationX: stationx.rocks
• Star Labs: starlabs.systems
• Entroware: entroware.com/store/
• Tuxedo: tuxedocomputers.com
• Juno: junocomputers.com

The lessons of Nature are constantly available, forever playing out in front of you.

Only for you.

Leaked Emails Show #Google Expected Lucrative Military Drone AI Work to Grow Exponentially


“I don’t know what would happen if the media starts picking up a theme that Google is secretly building AI weapons or AI technologies to enable weapons for the Defense industry.”

#FuckOffGoogle #Drones #Maven #KillerRobots


FLOSS community:
> hey let's put all our eggs in this one GitHub basket
> what could possibly go wrong
> GitHub is so convenient


"The LocationSmart scandal is bigger than Cambridge Analytica. Here’s why no one is talking about it.

Wireless carriers are sharing your real-time location with shady third parties—and a bug lets anyone use that data to track you."


Found through @yaelwrites text on the subject slate.com/technology/2018/05/l

Apparently Jeff Bezos makes $28,000 (the median yearly salary of an Amazon employee) every 9 seconds.

He's on the way to becoming the world's first trillionaire.

The inequality is mind boggling. How do you actually, concretely, undo this kind of madness?


Important interview with Norman G. Finkelstein on the unlivable concentration camp that is the Gaza Strip.

"Are the people of Gaza trying to breach a border fence? No. The people of Gaza are trying to breach an unlivable space in which the population is daily being poisoned."

#Israel #Gaza