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Got some hopium for y'all.

The article is a month old, but,
international study shows only a 1/3 of americans trust MSM media, which ranked dead last worldwide poll conducted at "The Poynter Institute for Media Studies"

Real "patriots" defend the constituion no matter what color sits in office. We the people, need to recognize the goverment is dead weight, term after term. We can only thrive if there is minimal to no restrictions.

If something isnt benefiting us, its time to stop putting energy into it, and put it into things that do return the favor. What is it that makes us feel good to be human? Can we amplify that?

Work together, reclaim your freedoms, lets restore balance ☯. A much better world awaits.

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Information on #graphene and #grapheneoxide, and wireless-biology interface. This information in this post is bieng shared for research purposes only, and it does not confirm, nor deny that graphene is currently bieng used in medical applications.

(may not be in order)
One video shows graphene oxide interaction with neodium magnets

Another video alledgely shows a vaccinate individual getting potentially graphene oxidie out of the vax site via incision. (commented)

The other shows a discussion on graphene applications

And the other shows visual applications for graphene.

The final shows how tesla coils can be used to manipulate solid particles (substance in video is not necessarily confirmed to be graphene, but it looks very similar)

And interesting enough, there is a patent in china for graphene oxide in china:
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If only most people knew, that the human body is perhaps the most powerful piece of technology on the face of this planet.

We lost the instructions for it, but were now starting to remember how to use it again, and they know whats coming.

They understand, that once our "gears of consciousness" begin "rotating," and we begin collaborating, that absolutely nothing can stand in our way.

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re: COVID vaccine encouragement 

@KARiley40 @original_fractalator @Elizafox

again, its not the best, or even the only tool we have to fight off the spread off pathogens, despite what the MSM preaches.

Natural immunity is incredibly powerful, enough so it can reduce spread of virus in itself. Prior to covid 19 this was widely agreed upon in the scientific community, now its bieng swept under the rug.

You can boost natural immunity immensly by de-stressing; additionally, getting high levels of raw plants, proper rest, staying hydrated getting excercise and fresh air along with sunlight. This advice rarely discussed during the lockdowns, yet remain scientifically very effective.

At the begining of the pandemic, influenza just up and dissapeared so we have no way of knowing if this wasnt just the flu:
As much as we'd like to believe the side effects are as low as your saying, VAERS database is showing otherwise, keep in mind, we recalled swine flu vax after less than 50 deaths.
and there is currently a huge CDC whistle blower courtcase involving hidden data involving over 45,000 💀 cases than what the VAERS is reporting, so this may not be the actual numbers:
and as of recently, PCR test are on a class 1 recall from the FDA, as they have been proven to be innaccurate, meaning this whole pandemic was blown out of proportion:

We have talked to pharmacist and they said the safety data was blank on the pamphlet when getting technical, we talked to nurses who are suspicous that excess isolation and ventilators are making it worse for patients to heal. We know doctors that are dealing with the controversy.

The vaccine companies have very tainted reputations too.

economically, they already screwed us over, things should have never been shut down in the first place, as isolation does have major health and future economic consequences.
The vaccines have already been purchased with our tax dollars thanks to Trumps "warp speed" so at this point it wouldnt even make a difference if more people went and got it.

Understand, these vaccines have lil to no liability, they dont adjust the CC of the dose relative to your BMI either. Last time we coerced everyone into a medical experiment they created the The Nuremberg Codes, and there is simply no basis that the govt & friends have our best interest at heart. Nor is there any significant evidence these vaccine guarantee protection for our communities if we take it either.

Were also suspicous that the doses arent all made and stored the same, based on many reports researchers have been making.

So until the day where everyone can speak freely and discuss the pros and cons of this vax without bieng censored or canceled, like we can do for everything else, than we will have lil trust towards the situation. We should be able to verify everything to know that it can be used for everyone without any issues.

Dont get us wrong, were not saying it may work for some, but it doesnt seem like the only solution.

Until than, we should refrain from using the word "safe"
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word on the street is that the dead man switch has been activated, data files are bieng sent out, and there is a cyber warfare in place against it right now...

anyone got reciepts? or is this a joke?
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Sharing the first amendment because they are illegally trying to take it from you.

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When Socrates stood before the Athenian court facing charges of impiety and corrupting the youth, he told the judges: “I have no concern at all for what most people are concerned about: financial affairs, administration of property…political factions. I did not take this path…but [instead]…where I could do the most good to each one of you…by persuading you to be less concerned with what you have than what you are…”

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so, we gotta ask at this point, which of these stories most accurately relates to life in the 2020's?
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Here is the court documents for the CDC whistle blower case involving over 45,000 deaths cause by the vaccine bieng filed in Alabama, for anyone interested.

live leak just posted footage of malaysian authorities using a steamroller to crush crypto mining rigs...

as if, thats gunna stop anything... xD

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